215 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces From Chasewater News – Spring 1998 – Part 5 Carriage and Wagon News

215 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces

From Chasewater News – Spring 1998 – Part 5

Carriage and Wagon News

Andy Kennerley

M & C Shildon 1975The Maryport & Carlisle Coach at Shildon in 1975

Work in this department has slowed due to the problems with maintaining rolling stock out in the open air, with most of the time being taken up trying to save some of the Railway’s most important assets.  The biggest change has been the shunt which has taken place, in which the Midland brake van was moved out from the end of ‘2’ road and placed in front of the MSL coach.  Restoration has been carrying on in between periods of preventative maintenance to try and slow the deterioration of the Railway’s wooden–bodied rolling stock.  As the Railway’s membership has been growing it might allow some of the slowly increasing number of working members to switch to the Carriage and Wagon department from the more immediate work on other areas of the Railway.  The following report has been compiled to try and give an up-to-date view of the condition of the vehicles in store at Chasewater.  Little or no expenditure has been made by the C&W dept due to the work of our ‘Procurement Officer’ I.e. scrounger, Tony Wheeler, who seems able to locate sources of quality timber from all sorts of places.

Midland 4-Wheel Brake

10 MR 4w Passenger Brake

The restoration of this vehicle has been progressing quite well even with the effects of the bad weather that we have been experiencing lately.  The main bulk of the work at the moment is waterproofing the existing hardwood and plywood panels, and replacing those which have rotted beyond use, as well as the fitting of two new doors with the assistance of Keith Poynter.  The result of all this work is that the wagon is now drier than it has been for quite a few years, as well as the outward appearance of the wagon being much improved with the application of a fresh coat of paint.

There has also been a lot of work replacing the missing beading, which is being made up out of pieces of hardwood panelling by Tony Wheeler.  Work has also been taking place on the restoration of the original gas lamps and grab handles.  Quite a lot of work has gone into researching the number of the coach, and into the original Midland livery which consisted of crimson lake with gold leaf beading.

MS & L 6-Wheel Coach

Work on this item of Chasewater’s stock has been slow of late due to the weather conditions but the paintwork is still looking good and this coach has caused quite a few heads to turn with a lot of good comments being made.  A lot of work has been carried out on the underside of this vehicle, with the spring hangers being cleaned and oiled and new cotter pins being made up to replace the badly corroded originals.  The original brake block retainers have been removed and these are being either renovated or replaced with new parts as required.

Maryport & Carlisle Coach

This coach remains partially sheeted up waiting for the panels to be replaced.  Some of the exposed windows on this vehicle have been smashed by stones from the local vandals, and some of the exposed woodwork on the vehicle’s frames has started to rot.  Hopefully, someone will start work on re-panelling this coach during the spring.

LNWR Paddy Coach

This coach, unfortunately, must be considered beyond reasonable repair to us at this time.  Discussions must take place into the future of this historic vehicle.  During the shunt around, part of the side of this carriage came away, along with several doors.

CCC Co. Brake Van

CCCC Brake Van

This wagon has now fallen into major disrepair, with the chassis collapsing and breaking the sole bars.  The interior of the van still remains dry.

CRC Co 4-Plank Wagon

This wagon continues to look good with only a limited amount of peeling on the paintwork.  A limited amount of work has been carried out on this wagon in the form of waterproofing the floor timbers.

CCC Co 4-Plank Wagon

This vehicle is currently under restoration and has been partially stripped down, awaiting a good, long dry spell when further work can be carried out on this wagon.

Midland Hand Crane

Now that this wagon has been uncovered from the large amount of brambles which grew over it, as assessment on the condition of the crane shows that it is in desperate need of repair.  Most of the timber-work on the base of the crane has now become totally unstable due to rot.  The jib section of the crane needs a total replacement beam due to the break in the base of the jib.  The bulk of the metalwork is still in good condition and the crane is a long-term restoration job.

MR CraneSuccess!

Cadbury’s Box Van


There is the start of some deterioration on this vehicle and it is the cause of some concern.  This van is still being used to store some items which are starting to be affected by the ingress of damp.  It is hoped that work on making this vehicle watertight will be started soon.

GWR Fruit ‘D’ Van

There has been little work on this wagon except for a tidy out and having the roof covered by a protective tarpaulin.  The exterior paintwork is still looking good.


This vehicle is still in its original condition as used by BR for a stores van at Wolverhampton High Level Station.  Several windows have been covered up after being broken by vandals and are awaiting replacement.  The external coat of paint is still keeping the worst of the weather out and the vehicle remains dry inside.

Tank Wagon

There has been little work done on this wagon with the interior being washed out and any signs of green algae being cleaned off the exterior.

Maunsell Brake Van

There has been little work done on this vehicle after it was re-roofed two years ago.  Water ingress is still a problem and very little is stored in this vehicle.

Midland Box Van

MR 1109 Box Van

There has been little work done on this wagon except for attention to the brake gear and the door slides being lubricated.

GWR 21 ton Toad Brake Van

This is the mainstay of the P Way gang works train and is in regular use every weekend.  The external paintwork is good and the vehicle is warm and dry.  A new lock assembly has been manufactured and installed to protect the padlock and bars have been placed over the windows to make the Toad a more secure vehicle.

GWR 16 ton Toad Brake Van

This vehicle still requires attention to the roof and to the broken spring before the vehicle can be returned to traffic.

NE Box Van

North-Eastern Box Van

There has been very little work carried out on this wagon except for a tidy out and a protective tarpaulin covering.

GE 6-Wheel Brake

This vehicle remains watertight and generally well protected against the elements.  One or two of the panels need some attention and some cracked windows need replacement.

5 responses to “215 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces From Chasewater News – Spring 1998 – Part 5 Carriage and Wagon News

  1. Brings back memories of Hednesford, Frank Harvey every Sunday working on the M&C coach woodwork, the arrival of the MR crane, made live a lot easier, and the LNWR paddy coach.


  2. Always good to hear from you Brian.

    • I must come and see what Chasewater is like now, it must be 45 years since I was last there. Back in ths days of taking the Planet down to Conduit sidings, we even had red flags to stop the traffic when crossing the roads.


  3. You’ll be most welcome any time, Brian, but I should wait till it’s a bit warmer if I were you!!

    • We only used to have plate layers hut by the level crossing at one time, that was basic. In Cornwall now, but mother-in-law lives in Aldridge, we must be up spring early summer, is there contact ?

      I’ll try and find the old RPS photos from Hednesford and Chasewater.


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