Brereton Collieries Ltd., Locomotives

Brereton Collieries Ltd., Locomotives

Rail line

We have details of eight locomotives at Brereton, but photos of only three.


0-4-0ST Hudswell, Clarke & Rogers  161/1875 Acquired new, sold or scrapped.


0-4-0ST Hudswell, Clarke & Rogers  194/1878 Acquired new, sold or scrapped.

No.2 ‘Barbara’

0-4-0ST Andrew Barclay  1083/1908  Acquired new. Scrapped 1935.


05325 No.3 0-6-0ST MW 1852-1914 BreretonOne of two No.3s  at Brereton

0-6-0ST  Manning Wardle 1852/1914  Acquired from Norton & Biddulph Collieries Ltd., Victoria Colliery, N. Staffordshire, 1930.  Rebuilt by Robert Heath & Low Moor Ltd., 1924.  Scrapped 1935.


05331 No.3 0-4-0ST AB 1365-1914 Brereton0-4-0ST A Barclay 1365/1914

The other No.3 was acquired from Naworth Coal Co. Ltd.,  Cumberland,  1935.  Still at Brereton Coll. 1957.  Since scrapped.


0-4-0ST A. Barclay  1491/1917.  Acquired new.  Scrapped 1943.


05328 Vanguard 0-4-0ST P 1491-1917 Brereton0-4-0ST Peckett  1491/1917  Acquired from Royal Arsenal, Woolwich  1920.  Still at Brereton Coll. 1957, since scrapped.


0-4-0ST  Butterley Company, Ripley, Derbyshire   1889

Acquired from Butterley & Co. Ltd.,  Codnor Park Forge, Derbyshire,  date unknown.  Scrapped by NCB at Brereton September 1952.

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  4. great photos of old steam locomotives.

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