Littleton Collieries (Huntington) Locomotives

Rail Lines

The Littleton Colliery at Huntington had four of their own engines and they used two others.05215 Littleton No.1 0-6-0ST MW 1515-1901Littleton No.1 0-6-0ST manning Wardle 1515/1901.  Acquired new.  Ran for a period in 1946 as Littleton No.2.  Still at Littleton 1957, since scrapped.

05216 Littleton No.2 0-6-0ST MW 1596-1903 Pic 6-3-1960Littleton No.2 0-6-0ST Manning Wardle  1596/1903.  Acquired new.  Still at Littleton 1957, since scrapped.

05219 Littleton No.4 0-6-0ST MW 1759-1910 As newLittleton No.4 Pictured ‘as new’  0-6-0ST  Manning Wardle  1759/1910.  Acquired new.  Still at Littleton 1957, since scrapped.  (No idea about a possible Littleton No.3).

05224 Littleton No.5 0-6-0ST MW 2018-1922 Pic PSLittleton No.5 0-6-0ST Manning Wardle  2018/1922.  Acquired new.  Still at Littleton 1962, since preserved, first at the Great Central Railway, in 2005 it was awaiting restoration at the Avon Valley Railway.

05246 Conduit No.3 0-6-0ST MW 1180-1890Conduit No.3 From the Conduit Colliery, Norton Canes.  0-6-0ST  Manning Wardle 1180/1890.  To Littleton pre-1910, to West Cannock 1949. Rebuilt by Manning Wardle 1920.  Further details, Conduit Collieries Locos

05035 No.6 Adjutant 0-6-0ST Manning Wardle 1913-1917 C & RNo.6 Adjutant At Littleton 1945/1947 from Cannock & Rugeley Collieries.  0-6-0ST Manning Wardle 1913/1917.   Full details see Cannock & Rugeley Collieries Locos

2 responses to “Littleton Collieries (Huntington) Locomotives

  1. hello my grandfather was a driver at Huntington around the birth of my father 1904. would that have been a train driver, lorry driver. any information would be useful. Joseph harriman

    • I’m sorry bit I am unable to help in your search, although on the subject of ‘driver’, I can say that my own grandfather was a pony driver, of which there were quite large numbers at that time.
      You could try the Cannock Chase Mining Historical Society, I know they are building a list of mine workers at local collieries – maybe you could add your grandfather’s name to the Littleton Colliery, Huntington list.
      Regards, John (CWS)

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