Hilton Main & Holly Bank Locomotives

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Hilton Main & Holly Bank Collieries, Essington – Locomotives

These collieries had a number of locos, some bought new, some used and we have pictures of more than half of them.  There were other locos used there from time to time from other collieries.   If anyone can fill the gaps I would be most grateful.

First up is ‘Nellie’ 0-6-0ST Manning Wardle 563/1876 bought from G & R Thomas, Hatherton Furnaces at an unknown date – scrapped circa 1894.

Holly Bank No.105202 Holly Bank No.1 0-6-0ST HC 353-18930-6-0ST Hudswell Clarke 353/1893  Bought new – scrapped 1934.

Holly Bank No.2

0-6-0ST Hudswell Clarke 568/1900  Bought new – sold or scrapped, date unknown.

‘Hilton Main’ No.10

0-6-0ST R.W.Hawthorn 1665/1876.  Bought from Hartley Main Colls. County Durham in 1934.  It had originally been North Eastern Railway No.1358.  Sold to Moira Colliery,  Leicestershire circa 1942.

No.105201 No.1 0-6-0T HC 352-1891 Hilton Main0-6-0T Hudswell Clarke 352/1891  Bought from Hartley Main Colliery in 1935.  Previously Great Western Railway No.785  Still at Holly Bank 1957 – since scrapped.

Holly Bank No.305210 Holly Bank No.3 H 0-6-0ST 1451-19240-6-0ST Hunslet 1451/1924  Bought new.  At Littleton Colliery by 1962 – since scrapped.

Robert Nelson No.405238 Robert Nelson No.4 0-6-0ST HE 1800-1936 Driver W.Humphrey Q0-6-0ST Hunslet   1800/1936 Bought new.  At Littleton Colliery by 1962.  Preserved at the Great Central Railway.  From there it went to the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway, Toddington.  In December 2005 it was at Riverstown Old Corn Mill Railway, Northern Ireland.

Carol Ann No.505212 Carol Ann No.5 HE 0-6-0ST1821-1936 Holly Bank0-6-0ST Hunslet  1821/1936.  Bought new.  Still at Holly Bank 1957 – since scrapped.

Robert Nelson No.4 and Carol Ann No.5 (Hunslet 0-6-0ST  1800 and 1821 respectively, built 1936) were named after the Colliery Manager’s two children.05213 Carol Ann No.1 0-6-0ST Pic Stan Cartwright

On transfer to Littleton Colliery in NCB days – November 1959  – Carol Ann was renumbered ‘1’ by grinding the ‘5’ off the nameplate and screwing in a ‘1’.  This was because Littleton already had a loco ‘Littleton No.5’

6 responses to “Hilton Main & Holly Bank Locomotives

  1. Not sure if you know but one of the nameplates from Carol Ann is in the posession of the Stafford Railway Circle along with one plate from Foggo and two Peckett works plates off Works No’s 809 and 879

    • I’ve had a word with the curator of Chasewater Railway Museum and he is aware that you have some items in your posession, in fact, I believe that the NCB donated some items to the Stafford Railway Circle and others to Chasewater Railway.
      Thanks for your interest.
      Email on the way.

  2. I am looking for photos of steam or diesel locomotives at Hilton Main, particularly on Oldhampton Lane crossing.

  3. Used to have cab rides on Holly Bank No3 at Granville Colliery in Shropshire. Happy Days!

  4. 0-6-0T Hudswell Clarke 352/1891
    I have this loco as Hartley Main 23 9/6/39 was Barry Railway 53 then GWR 785.

    See nick baxter on Flickr

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