W. Harrison Ltd., Grove Colliery, Brownhills. Locomotives

Rail Lines

Only 2 photographs out of 8 engines – if you know anyone who has photos that we could copy, please get in touch.

No.1 0-4-0ST  Lilleshall built engine of 1864. Bought new – sold or scrapped.

Warrior 0-6-0ST Lilleshall built in 1867.  Acquired new, scrapped circa 1934.

Success 0-6-0ST built by John Smith of Coven circa 1869.  Acquired new, scrapped circa 1913.

Black Prince 0-6-0ST Robert Stephenson loco 630/1848.  LNWR No.1810 Oct 1873 (originally LNWR 236, rebuilt from 0-6-0 1864).  Frame and other parts used as a winding engine at Rising Sun Colliery, Brownhills.  The rest scrapped on site, 1909.

Agincourt 0-6-0ST  Robert Stephenson loco 631/1848.  LNWR No.1811 Oct 1873 (originally LNWR 241, rebuilt from 0-6-0 1864)  Scrapped c. 1906.

Emlyn 0-6-0ST  Bought from C.D.Phillips, dealer, Newport, Monmouth c.1905.  Was said to be a double framed loco and possibly an ex-GWR 0-6-0ST.  Scrapped c.1920

05350 No.3 0-6-0ST P 618-1895 HarrisonNo.3 0-6-0ST Peckett  618/1895.  Acquired new.  Still at Grove Colliery 1957, since scrapped.

05347 The Colonel 0-6-0ST HC 1073-1914 GroveThe Colonel 0-6-0ST Hudswell Clarke  1073/1914.  Ordered by Houghton Main Colliery Co.Ltd., Yorkshire on William Harrison’s behalf.  Probably delivered new to Brownhills.

2 responses to “W. Harrison Ltd., Grove Colliery, Brownhills. Locomotives

  1. M. Brownridge

    I am the grandson of John Brownridge who was killed in the Grove Colliery disaster. The Chronical newspaper dated July 22 2010 gives details of a memorial event to mark the 80th anniversary of the disaster. Anyone interested can phone councillor Alan Paul on 01543 378040 or 07837919972.

  2. Mr. Brownridge

    I noted your comments as to the memorial event of the disaster. Did you attend? Was it classed as a success? Could you tell me alittle more about the day, please? It would be helpful for a local Hiostory Society project that I am participating in.

    Many thanks

    Ron myatt

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