Locomotives acquired by NCB after Nationalisation.

A further 8 engines were bought by the National Coal Board, West Midlands 2 Division, Cannock Chase Area.

05337 Nuttall 0-6-0ST HE 1685-1931Nuttall 0-6-0ST Hunslet  1685/1931.  Bought from Mowlem in 1948.  At Walsall Wood 1948/50, Coppice 1950/55, Walsall Wood 1955/57, Chasetown 1957 on.  Since scrapped.

05402 Barclay 0-4-0ST 2247-1948 Coppice CollNo Name, No Number A. Barclay 2247/1948. Acquired new at Chasetown.  Also worked at Coppice Colliery 1959, Grove Coll 1962/63 – returned to Coppice Coll.  Mid Cannock Oct 1963, and Walsall Wood May 1964.

The remainder are Standard Austerity 0-6-0ST

05229 No.6 0-6-0ST RSH 7292-1945 Ex War Dept Littleton 19-8-50Littleton No.6 Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn 7292/1945.  Ex War Department 71483-1947.  Littleton Colliery 1947 onward.  In for repairs February to May 1954.  To Cannock Central Workshops between December 1957 and April 1958, returned between December 1958 and March 1959.  Scrapped on site October 1970.

No.2 Hudswell Clarke 1752/1943.  Ex War Dept. 75091-1950.  Holly Bank Coll. 1950, then on to Littleton in 1959.  Moved to several collieries before being sold to Bold Colliery, St. Helens, Lancs., 27/2/1978.  Later sold for preservation, circa 1982.  It had run in the Rocket 150 Cavalcade at Rainhill as ‘Robert’. Later preserved at Crewe Heritage Centre.

05148 No.2 HE 3772-1952 0-6-0ST May 1952No.2 Hunslet 3772/1952.  Acquired new, Chasetown 1952 to after 1957.  To Holly Bank from May to July 1962, then on to Littleton in 1963, where it was scrapped in October 1969.

No.3 Hunslet 3789/1953.  Acquired new at Chasetown 1953 to after 1957.  To Cannock Chase workshops for storage February to May 1962, then to Rawnsley in April 1963.  Scrapped at Cannock Wood Colliery 1968.

05197 No.4 Hunslett 0-6-0ST 3806-1953 PossiblyNo.4 Hunslet 3806/1953.  Acquired new at Rawnsley 1953 but moved to Chasetown in the same year.  To West Cannock No.5 1961/2.  To Dean Forest Railway Preservation Society circa March 1973. (Named ‘Wilbert’)

05081 No.8 0-6-0ST Hunslett 3807-1953  27-3-1954No.8 Hunsley 3807/1953.  Acquired new at Rawnsley 1953. At Cannock Central Workshops between May and December 1958, to Rawnsley Loco shed between December 1958 and June 1959.  To Cannock Wood Colliery between October 1964 and February 1965 – scrapped circa December 1967.


No.7 Wimblebury Hunslet 3839/1956.  Acquired new at Rawnsley 1956.  To Cannock Central Workshops March 1963, returned 1964.  To Cannock Wood Colliery between October 1964 and February 1965.  Now preserved on the Foxfield Railway, Blythe Bridge, Staffs.

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