Garden Rail – Miniature Railway Exhibition

1940's Pin-Up Entertainer Kitten von Mew

This weekend (15th March 2014), we went to Warwickshire Exhibition Centre’s Garden Rail show! It was fantastic, with everything from 2 Gauge to T Gauge! As usual I was completely fascinated with all the little things and aging techniques. Some of the little people were completely hilarious and the hand built trains were so awe inspiring! Some of my favourites were the industrial set ups that reminded me of Tysley’s depot and a 1930’s tin railway with original and repro pieces (yes they actually make them just like the originals!).

Here are some photos I took on my way around…

30s tin train set 1930’s part repro, part original train set

american railway set American train set with lovely landscaping

bridge american train set More of the American train set, which featured a fantastic bridge and river!

camping railway figures Happy little campers.

fishing train set figures “…and it was THIS big!”

headless miniature railway figure “Shoot…Dave? Dave, you alright mate?!”

kitten von mew garden rail Mr and Mrs Mew!

little and large railway figurines Little and Large

richard miniature railway billeting hut Mr Mew standing by…

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