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Garden Rail – Miniature Railway Exhibition

1940's Pin-Up Entertainer Kitten von Mew

This weekend (15th March 2014), we went to Warwickshire Exhibition Centre’s Garden Rail show! It was fantastic, with everything from 2 Gauge to T Gauge! As usual I was completely fascinated with all the little things and aging techniques. Some of the little people were completely hilarious and the hand built trains were so awe inspiring! Some of my favourites were the industrial set ups that reminded me of Tysley’s depot and a 1930’s tin railway with original and repro pieces (yes they actually make them just like the originals!).

Here are some photos I took on my way around…

30s tin train set 1930’s part repro, part original train set

american railway set American train set with lovely landscaping

bridge american train set More of the American train set, which featured a fantastic bridge and river!

camping railway figures Happy little campers.

fishing train set figures “…and it was THIS big!”

headless miniature railway figure “Shoot…Dave? Dave, you alright mate?!”

kitten von mew garden rail Mr and Mrs Mew!

little and large railway figurines Little and Large

richard miniature railway billeting hut Mr Mew standing by…

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Model Railway – Go and see the biggest little European Railway in Canada

Model Railway


Experience 4000 square feet of family fun with more than 1800 houses and over 16,000 hand painted little people. The Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad is Canada’s largest Marklin lay-out, with up to 40 computer controlled trains running through very detailed landscaping with European style towns and houses. Come step into a WORLD CLASS miniature fantasy world!

As something completely different we have a car system running on some roads and we are the only public display in North America with that feature. So come check it out – it is like magic!0700-2

If you would like a unique experience on your trip through Osoyoos, drop by the railroad display and have a look. Caution: Train Buffs have been known to become slightly mesmerized by the volume of exquisite detail available to be seen!


Osoyoos historically /ˈsuːjuːs/ SOO-ews) is a town in the southern part of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia near the border with Washington state, between Penticton and Omak. The town is also adjacent to the Indian Reserve of the Osoyoos Indian Band. The origin of the name Osoyoos was the word suius meaning “narrowing of the waters” in the local Okanagan language (Syilx’tsn). The “O-” prefix is not indigenous in origin and was attached by settler-promoters wanting to harmonize the name with other O-names in the Okanagan Country (Oliver, Omak, Oroville, Okanogan). There is one local newspaper, the Osoyoos Times.dsc_0074

The town’s population of 4,845 swells in the summer months with visitors from elsewhere in British Columbia and neighboring Alberta, as well as elsewhere in Canada. There is also a newer contingent of international visitors, supported by the proximity to the Kelowna International Airport about 1.5 hours north of the town. There is also a rapidly growing year-round retiree population as is evident with the recent boom of condominium and suburban development (though somewhat thwarted by the 2008–09 economic downturn). There are another 1,892 people surrounding the town within the “Okanagan-Similkameen A” area.

Tourism in the Osoyoos area has become a large contributor to the local economy. This tourism is brought on by the many amenities in the Osoyoos area.odmr16

Osoyoos Lake is “the warmest freshwater lake in Canada” according to the town of Osoyoosand the BC Parks System, with reported average summer water temperatures of 24°C (75°F). The lake is surrounded by kilometres of beaches (public and private), parks and picnic grounds, such as Gyro Beach, Lions Centennial Park, Kinsmen Park, Legion Beach and Haynes Point Provincial Park. There are also major plans to revitalize the waterfront along the town core, spurred on by recent major developments such as the Watermark Beach Resort which include increased public space and an expanded marina.

Spotted Lake is a saline endorheic alkali lake located northwest of Osoyoos.

There are two centres dedicated to the dry landscape of the area. The Osoyoos Desert Centre is located 3 km north of Osoyoos off Highway 97, while the Nk’mip Desert Cultural Centre is located adjacent to the Nk’mip Winery on the Osoyoos Indian Reserve. The area is served by two golf courses: the Osoyoos Golf and Country Club and the Nk’Mip Canyon Desert Golf Course.Osoyoos TownThis picture of Osoyoos in BC, Canada, was taken from Highway 3, east of the town. Taken by Samuel Boisvert.

Date 8 July 2007 (original upload date)   Author – Original uploader was Samuel.jt.boisvert at en.wikipedia   Permission – Released into the public domain (by the author).




News – Jubilee Street Party – Chasewater Railway

This gallery contains 17 photos.

News – Jubilee Street Party Chasewater Railway After the disappointment of the Bank Holiday weekend, the Jubilee Street Party went off very well.  The weather forecast was not at all promising so it was decided to put the stalls inside … Continue reading

Trent Valley Model Railway Society Model Railway Exhibition Video Clips

Trent Valley Model Railway Society Model Railway Exhibition video clips are now on youtube.  This is the first of two videos, the second will be on youtube tomorrow.


Trent Valley Model Railway Society Model Railway Exhibition, Lichfield September 10th 2011

Trent Valley Model Railway Society

Model Railway Exhibition

LichfieldSeptember 10th 2011

Quite a few events were happening on this weekend and I did manage to visit two of them.  Firstly I made a flying visit to the Trent Valley Model Railway Society Model Railway Exhibition at the Wade Street Church Hall, Lichfield– I really couldn’t miss this one, the hall is where I first started school at Meredith House School, over sixty years ago. 

On entering the show, visitors were given a free booklet containing a plan of the layouts and lists of the exhibitors and traders.  A first class touch – I only wish that I could have stayed longer to make better use of it!  All the exhibitors had excellent layouts, whether big or of the smaller variety. 

Briefly, they were: Aylett End, Chalford,Deesdale Road, Highly Unlikely, Overkill, Thomas the Tank Engine, Waldkirsch and Z Line.  The traders were: 12 voltsdc, Derby Trees and Scenics, Keith’s Model Railway, Loughborough Model Centre, Sansome’s Model Railways, not to mention Wickson’s Travel.

Full use was made of the hall and it seemed to be building up to a very good attendance on the day, and well deserved.

 I shall have a collection of video clips linked to the blog in the next day or so.


Chasewater Railway’s Tri-Rail shop – latest projects.

The Tri-Rail shop at Chasewater Railway’s Brownhills West Station has announced the latest projects for its support. 



Poster by oakparkrunner

All profits made in this shop go towards three major projects – hence Tri-Rail, this time, Asbestos, the Narrow Gauge Railway and the Model Railway.

Chasewater Railway Back on Track

Chasewater Railway Back on Track

The first train was pulled by Class 08 diesel loco D3429.  On Sunday 29th and Bank Holiday Monday 30th trains will be steam hauled.

Saturday, 28th May saw the reinstatement of the line from Brownhills West all the way to Chasetown, Church Street via Chasewater Heaths and Lakeside after the installation of a culvert in the causeway between the main lake and Jeffrey’s Swag – the smaller pool.  It had been decided to install this culvert while the work was proceeding on the main dam to prevent any possibility of the Swag overflowing and flooding Norton Canes.Looking much tidier than a couple of weeks agoWell ballasted, too!Just to prove that the train did get into Lakeside!A couple of views from the train.Chris, Jason and Dave have been busy with the paint brushes recently:

Jason called into the museum today and pointed out that on this occasion, Chris had not done any of the painting – most indignant – he nearly stamped his foot!!!  Sorry Jason.

The man-rider has had a change of colour ready for Coal Train DayThe Model Railway Coach has had a good coat of paint – so far only on one side – a family of Blue Tits has built a nest in the other side so we will have to be patient!The refurbished coach No. M59444 is now back and looking very smart inside and out.

89 Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces Nov 1978 – 2

89 Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces Nov 1978 – 2

From the 1978 AGM Report

The final item on the agenda was the consideration of an offer from the Midland Railway Trust based at Butterley for the purchase of our ex Midland Railway Royal Saloon Coach.  The history of the coach was briefly outlined.  The coach was on loan to Derby Corporation for a further 17 years and they had a 25 year option open to them after that.

The Trust have spent a considerable amount of money upon the coach so far and wish to finish the job properly but don’t feel able to unless the coach is their property.  They reckon they will have spent well in excess of £10,000 on the coach by the time it is complete.Inside the Royal Saloon

As the Chasewater Light Railway Society was in a difficult position – in effect our hands were tied – it was decided to let the coach go.  It was unlikely to come to Chasewater in the majority of our members’ lifetimes and, as in the case of the ‘E1’, if it had not been for the Railway Preservation Society then it would have gone to the scrap heap years ago, so at least some satisfaction could be derived from that.  The coach is to be exchanged for the following:-

1.    £600 in cash

2.    Equipment surplus to the Midland Railway Trust’s needs, such as crossing gates, signals, ancillary equipment, etc., but in demand at Chasewater – to the value of £1,000 plus

3.    The ex Walsall Gas Works Sentinel Locomotive (S9632/1957) plus spares, which will be in working order when it arrives at Chasewater, hopefully before Easter.Sentinel at Pleck Gas Works, Walsall, when nearly new.

The Hon. Sec’s. Report is reproduced below, being an apt summation of the present situation in which we find ourselves.

Hon.Sec’s Report 1977/1978

The twelve months since the last AGM have been very mixed with good news and setbacks at regular intervals.  1978 started very badly with the wanton vandalism of our ex Easingwold Railway coach.  The culprits who started the fire have not yet been apprehended and it seems suspicious to recall that the adjacent Go Kart Club has also been subject to two separate acts of arson in the last 10 months.

During the winter months other break-ins accrued to Society rolling stock resulting in the loss of several interesting relics.  However the local police force were eventually able to bring the two culprits to justice and the majority of the missing items returned.  Some £60 in value of relics was not recovered but as the Court awarded compensation to the Society we should eventually receive this money.

New arrivals during the year were the privately owned Hudswell Clarke side tank S100 which, following a complete overhaul which is expected to take another three years, should prove an ideal loco for working the extended services; the local chemical manufacturers Albright & Wilson Ltd. have placed on loan their 12” cylindered Peckett 0-4-0ST and it seems from help received from the Company so far that we might expect further assistance in the future.  The loco requires a major hydraulic exam, tank repairs and fitting of a steam brake before it sees regular use.  The final arrival was the five ton capacity Smiths of Rodley diesel crane from the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board, Birkenhead – an outright purchase by the Society for £432.

The Committee has given serious thought to the provision of covered accommodation at Chasewater and it is especially pleasing to record the purchase for nominal sums of two agricultural type buildings.  The first, the smaller of the two, has already been dismantled and brought to Chasewater; the other has yet to be removed from site.  We must now await the go-ahead for erection of these structures from Walsall Metropolitan Council.

Restoration work to locos and coaches has been fairly limited this year due perhaps in the main to the fact that various engineering projects and fund-raising activities have taken precedence.  However firebox repairs were carried out on the Neilson before entry into service again and routine maintenance carried out on this loco and ‘Invicta’.  ‘Lion’ to be renamed ‘The Colonel’ has had a start made on preparing for a major hydraulic exam, and S100 has seen reasonable progress in dismantling and de-tubing.  ‘Asbestos’ too is to be de-tubed and when this task is completed the boiler is to go away to Park Holland, who will raise the foundation ring a few inches to get round the problem of badly wasted corners and rivets in the firebox.  By far the largest expenditure on locos this year was the £460 spent purchasing 104 new tubes for ‘Asbestos’.

Several of our goods vehicles received coats of paint and roof attention to the box vans was performed during the summer.

The platform wall was extended during Spring Bank Holiday and with the recent Committee decision to extend the compound fence to include the platform, the platform can be set up to resemble an operating station at all times.  Another engineering project completed was the interlocking and signalling of the two compound points enabling train movements to take place in complete safety.

The news from British Rail that we could gain access to the loop with works trains from April 18h and full purchase likely by the end of July meant that a decision on the sale of the ‘E1’ had to be made.  Consideration was only given to previous enquiries and the Lord Fisher Loco Group based at Cranmore agreed to meet our minimum purchase price of £5,000.  The loco left Chasewater last Monday and restoration will commence this winter under cover in extensive workshops at Cranmore – the name and number plates and also the Rawnsley chimney are being retained by us.

Purchase of the loop has proved slower than expected and a lapse of a few more months now seems likely; however we now have the money immediately available when asked for.

Train services continued to operate on timetabled dates and takings were high on fine days; however wet or cold days affected the average takings.

The first Steam Spares Sale ever held by a Preservation Group went reasonably well considering lack of helpers, and a second such event is being held on ‘Gricers’ Day’ October 8th.

Our second Transport Scene was well supported by exhibitors but not by the public, again inclement weather did not help.  Let us hope that next year’s event is blessed with sunshine!

This year’s Model Railway Exhibition was also poorly supported by the public – an increase in takings at this event over the years has probably made us too casual as the standard of the Exhibition has definitely fallen over the last three or four years – perhaps a change of venue is called for?Chasewater Model Railway

The Chasewater Light Railway Company is currently negotiating for a grant under the Government STEPS Scheme to enable the rest of the railway to be brought into service.

ATV cameras were in attendance on the 15th September filming sequences using ‘Alfred Paget’ and goods stock for a programme to be shown in the ‘This England’ series early next year.

In closing, thanks go to all our members for their continued support, with special thanks to those who have contributed physical  and/or behind the scenes work throughout the year, readers of the Newsletter will doubtless have seen the same names recur on various projects so there is obviously scope for many more members to assist in whatever way they feel able.



Chasewater Railway Industrial Gala – Sunday

Chasewater Railway Industrial Gala

Day 2 – SundayFirst train ready to go!

Sunday started with a cool breeze blowing down the platform at Brownhills West, but away from the buildings it wasn’t too bad.

Everything seemed to run very smoothly from where I was watching – it looked very complicated but the engines all managed to end up where they were supposed to be.  Good organisation!

The ‘No.5’ can just about be seen through the smoke!

The shunters were playing their part moving stock around, the Bass No.5 now looking very smart with Dave’s ‘No.5’ artwork in evidence.

Later in the day, the Narrow Gauge started running and had a good couple of hours running including getting up the bank in style!

Their loco also looked smart after more of Dave’s handiwork.

The Model Railway was running both days – still looking good.

One of the highlights of the day was the appearance of our President, Steve Organ speeding down the platform in his motorised (and souped up?) wheelchair.  His speed could not be denied but doubt was cast over his ability to steer!

It was good to see him at Chasewater again.

Chasewater Model Railway

I was wandering around the Brownhills West station complete with camera when it occured to me that I had not seen the model railway on Platform 1 for a while.There were a couple of model diesel trains in action.The layout has developed since the last time that I saw it – its looking good at the moment, well worth a visit!  Should be running this Sunday at the Charity Day on the railway.