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Some Early Lines, Old Railway Companies, Wellington & Drayton Railway

Some Early Lines

Old Railway Companies

EPSON scanner imageLocal train from Crewe approaching Market Drayton Junction, Wellington View NW, towards Market Drayton, Nantwich and Crewe: ex-GW Wellington – Nantwich ( – Crewe) line, which was important especially for freight but was closed 9/9/63 for passenger traffic, 11/5/67 completely. Here the 13.02 from Crewe is headed by the engine which when withdrawn from service in 11/66 had the distinction of being the very last GW (standard gauge) locomotive to run on BR: ‘8750’ c

Wellington & Drayton Railway

Incorporated on 7 August 1862, this line linked the GWR at Wellington with the Nantwich & Market Drayton Railway (LMS). It opened on 16 October 1867, and though an Act of 14 July 1864 had authorised transfer of the Company to the GWR on completion, full amalgamation was not ratified until an Act of 12 July 1869, after an agreement dated 16 December 1868. Traffic was never heavy along the line’s 16.25 miles, its passenger service ceasing on 9 December 1963, but it became a diversionary route during the West Coast Main Line electrification. It closed completely on 8 May 1967.

Only the first mile or so lies within Telford, and that is now the northern end of the Silkin Way footpath which begins at Coalport Station and follows old railway lines for much of its distance.

Its junction with the Shrewbury – Wellington line was opposite Orleton Park School, the Shrewsbury line approaching from the right of the picture and the Market Drayton line being the footpath to the left. It passed under Admaston Road and Shawburch road at Admaston, although there was no station: presumably the station on the Shrewsbury line was thought sufficient. It crossed the end of Bratton Road near The Gate pub, where the bastions of a bridge and the remains of an embankment can be seen, and its first station was opposite the site of the creamery in Crudgington.

6330 Drayton Junction, Wellington October 6 1951No.6330 at Drayton Junction, Wellington, October6, 1951  – shropshirestar