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Brownhills – Just one photo!

The Railway Tavern

One of the members of the Chasewater Railway had a clearout of magazines and brought some of the old ones into the museum to sell or keep.  I had to go through them all of course – great stuff! One picture more than any other took my interest – the Railway Tavern formerly in Lichfield Road.This photo was taken from the ‘Railway Forum’ of 1970

I can only remember going to this pub once.  There was a Darts League Dinner and Presentation at the Memo which my wife and I and two good friends were going to.  Sadly, we were too late for the dinner – they were almost on the sweet course – so we popped up the road for a quickie (or two!) in the Railway – and that was it, my entire drinking career in the Railway.  (We did one hell of a lot more in the Memo later, from what I can remember!)

I can’t recall ever seeing a photo of the inside of the Railway before so it brought back some good memories – I hope it does for others, too.Photo by Brian Walker, 1993.  members.madasafish.com