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104 Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces – Spring 1985 – 3

104 ChasewaterRailwayMuseum Bits & Pieces – Spring 1985 – 3

An excerpt from the Chasewater Fat Controller’s Diary – dateline Sunday 10th February, 1985

It must have been the coldest day of the winter when the GM brought his car to a stand behind mine in Pool Road.  Having tried to get through the drifts and failed, I had backed out onto the A5 slip road just as a silly wassock in a Sherpa van who, having watched me back out, took a run at the same drift and got stuck.  He was eventually towed out an hour later by the farmer’s tractor.

Following meaningful discussions in the General Manager’s car including how many tools have gone missing during the Task Force Scheme? And who did we know with a Range Rover? We departed for Lichfield Road.

The bearded one was just about to leave, so with two pairs of socks and a spade each, the three of us returned to Chasewater in his large ‘four-coupled’ vehicle.  This time we tried the dirt track off White Horse Road which turned out to be relatively clear and it wasn’t until we were opposite the main gate that we met a snow drift.

“Come on Les, up onto the grass, round the left of that tree, and we’re in” the driver was advised.  Seconds later we had slid into a deep ditch which had been completely hidden by the snow.  The situation was desperate as with only one wheel of each axle in contact with the ground, the chassis resting on the ground and the diff. lock frozen, escape seemed impossible.

Les was left in charge of the wreckage while Brian and myself set out for the loco shed through driving wind and drifts up to four feet deep.  As luck would have it the compound gate and the shed door were clear so we could get inside and gather the necessary rescue equipment.  One large block and tackle, crow bar, key hammer, peckett cylinder wrapper and rope.  By this time the gorilla had landed his spitfire in Hednesford Road and assisted with pulling the ‘peckett sledge’ back towards the gate.  Upon passing Brownhills West Station we were intercepted by the Bull who, having arrived by cattle wagon saw the effort being expended and concluded we must be up to no good and so joined in.

After much struggling the crow bar was hammered into the ground and the block and tackle run between it and the vehicle’s towing ball.  Finally, with a large crowd of onlookers assisting, the vehicle was half winched, half lifted, onto solid ground.

Needless to say we all left the way we had come to search for Les’s 3½”/5” gauge garden railway and a cup of tea.  But at least we had ‘maintained the presence’ at Chasewater for another Sunday.          Nigel Canning

Santa Specials – so far so good

Looking across the lake from the road leading to the railway.

As you can see from this photo, it has been very cold at Chasewater this last few days – it makes life very difficult if you’re running steam trains.  The staff at Chasewater Railway have done a magnificent job in keeping the trains (and the water!) running.  Today, Tuesday 7th December, it was -10 degrees when I started out, and it was still below freezing when I returned home in the afternoon.The Barclay loco 1964 running round at Brownhills West – just look at the frost-covered trees behind the carriages. It’s certainly cold but looks beautiful in the sunshine.

We have to say a big thank you to the staff who have been wrapping parcels over the past few weeks, in the Heritage Centre with little or no heating – well done everyone!Another thank you goes to the staff of the Chasewater Park, who have kept the road over the bridge open to traffic – it could have been chaotic!

The first four days of the Santa Specials have gone better than we could have expected given the weather conditions – only another nine to go!

Looking from the railway towards the dam.

Coming soon

The Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn loco ‘Meaford No.2’  – 7684/1951 0-6-0T is coming to Chasewater Railway.  It has been purchased by one of our members and may be at Chasewater before Christmas. Watch this space!

Meaford No.2 picture by –  tvdigg.net

Ellie the Dobermann and Hednesford in the snow.

Hednesford in the snow

and other bits

This way to the town centre!

As you may know, our Dobermann Ellie has had a problem with the tendons in her leg, and even now, some four months after her operation, she still has trouble walking.  She has a metal plate in her leg which we think may be affected by deep snow, and the snow we had was certainly deep enough.  The last few days I have been giving her a ball to carry – she obviously can’t chase it, – and just doing that seems to have bucked her up no end, she seems much happier when she’s out – she doesn’t like just walking on her lead.  So I decided, snow or no snow, she desperately needs the exercise and – ball in mouth – off we went.  She enjoyed every minute.

The leg that looks bent isn’t the bad one – it’s the angle of the photo!!

While I had my camera handy, I thought I’d pop down to the railway and see if there were any trains about – got the one due in Hednesford from Birmingham at about 8.50am

Passing under the bridge in Stafford Lane before entering the station.

Now that’s what you call a narrow gauge in the snow!!

It’s a bit different to the narrow gauge railways around here!

They would look good bombing round Chasewater, wouldn’t they??!!