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273 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces From Chasewater News – Spring 2004 Part 6 – Parry’s People Mover & Santa Specials

273 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces
From Chasewater News – Spring 2004
Part 6 – Parry’s People Mover & Santa Specials

Parrys 1Parrys 2Santa 1Santa 2 PicsBack Cover

Santa Specials – Coming soon!!

Santa Specials – Coming soon!!

2013-31 Xmas Advert v3

News – Chasewater Railway Santa Specials

Chasewater Railway Santa Specials


The Santa Special trains are now well under way at Chasewater Railway in Staffordshire. The Heritage Centre Is dressed up for the part with a G scale model railway running all day to keep the children (and adults) amused while awaiting their turn to see Santa.



In addition to the Chasewater Railway Raffle, for which tickets are sold on the train, there is a raffle in aid of Museum funds.  First prize in this raffle is an excellent Christmas hamper, kindly donated by Mr. and Mrs. Sealey (Snr), which can be seen in the buffet, and amongst the other prizes in this lovely Christmas cake.



Our elves have been kept very busy this year


Here are 2 of them working on the Meccano model engine in the Museum – it’s a shame its not on display.

While we’re in the Museum, the main clock -watching elf was getting frustrated – again and again and again….

So he was sent outside with his brush!!


Where he found yet another naughty elf!DSCF9051

The engine driving elves (and there are quite a few of them) have been kept very busy too.


As well as the good elves, there are one or two who may have been a little bit naughty so they are kept outside so as not to frighten Santa’s visitors!


Steam loco Nechells No. 4 is on duty for the specials – the Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn 0-6-0T No. 7684/1951 engine is our most powerful resident loco.  Click below to play the video.

For all details of the Santa Specials go to the web site:


DSCF9042Resting in Hednesford before their big day!

Forthcoming Attractions – Halloween and Santa Specials

Forthcoming Attractions

Halloween and Santa Specials

Chasewater Railway Santa Specials 2011

Santa Special details – 2011

120 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces From Chasewater News December 1989

120Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces

From Chasewater News December 1989

From the Editorial

Looking back, this year has been quite successful for the Railway with relatively few problems to contend with and a number of major advances made.  Train operation, although hectic for the staff involved, ran smoothly and every special event seemed to go well to the extent that our period of ‘survival’ of the last few years has begun to progress into a time of modest expansion.

As 1989 draws to a close and we all wait for Santa’s Special to arrive at Brownhills West, we can begin to plan next year’s work on the line.  It is all very easy to draw up a long list of jobs, but short of ‘asking Anneka’, they wouldn’t get done.

Realistically, in addition to all the regular maintenance work, we could have a platform built at Willowvale Halt ready for Easter, carry on to complete the run round loop at Brownhills West and relay enough track past Willowvale to run a goods train up and down on Gricers Day.  That would be an excellent season’s work, but it is only possible if people put the effort in. Locomotive News

Asbestos – Having worked the majority of this year’s trains, this loco is now due to be taken out of service for its six-yearly major boiler inspection.  The work will involve the removal of the saddle tank and boiler lagging as well as all fittings.  It is likely that a certain amount of repair work will be necessary around the firebox foundation ring and also renewal of a number of boiler tubes.

Sentinel – This engine finally re-entered service on Sunday 6th August when it took over from Asbestos to work he last two trains of the day.  The recent introduction of two-coach trains meant that this little loco has to work really hard against the gradient on the return run to Brownhills West with the regulator wound wide open for most of the distance.  The result of this is that coal consumption appears to have increased slightly over last year’s running, so that the bunker needs topping up towards the end of the day.  To cure the problem it is planned to fit coal rails to the bunker to increase capacity to around 8cwt.

Lion – The good news is that the Boiler Inspector has done his preliminary examination and has given the go ahead for the loco to be re-tubed and prepared for its hydraulic test.  Painting of both the frames and boiler shell has continued, along with work on new fittings and pipework needed before the engine can be steamed.

S100 – The frames of this loco are currently being jacked up in the back of the loco shed so that the wheels can be removed to allow machining of the horn guides.

DL7 – this remains our only working diesel and has continued to run well, although on the morning of the Bonfire Night steaming its contactors had to be quickly cleaned as the traction motor suddenly refused to ‘switch in’.

Fowler – At last the necessary information for the renewal of the blowing cylinder head gasket has been found and the repair work was carried out on Sunday 12th November.  With train operations gradually expanding it is becoming more important that at least one of the two diesels be vacuum brake fitted so that it can be used to work passenger trains if required at short notice or on quiet non-steam days.  Hopefully the work will be carried out shortly.

Other Locos – No work has been carried out on any other locos.

 Carriage & Wagon News

The Gloucester & Wickham trailers have remained coupled together since June to form the operational passenger stock.  The bodywork of the Gloucester is now looking positively tatty and will require repairs and a repaint before next season’s running.  Again no work has been carried out on any rolling stock other than the three DMUs. Permanent Way News

A few dedicated men are still pushing on with the trackwork and as a result the old turnout which marked the start of the Norton loop has been completely removed and the line is gradually increasing in length towards the causeway.  Progress on this work quite honestly is very slow, but when only three or four people on average seem to be prepared to help, and even the shorter rails which have to be moved weigh about a third of a ton, this is to be expected.  Just to give the P. Way gang a break from trackwork and to provide variety in their work, the local toe-rags managed to cut every strand of wire between every fence post from the level crossing right down to the bridge.  This had to be patched up again before trains could run on Gricers Day when everyone was already pushed to near the limit. Operating

August bank Holiday Monday marked the end of the two months of weekly running allowing a very welcome break for all the operating staff.  Gricers Day saw both Asbestos and the Sentinel in steam, with the last two trains of the day being double-headed.  Rumours that this was brought about by one case too many of a certain lager in the buffet car causing the gross train weight to exceed the maximum allowable Sentinel loading were untrue, but merely an example of the Midland Railway Company’s small engine policy in action!   The Sentinel will now work the remaining trains of this year to allow Asbestos to be stripped for boiler examination.

New arrival in 1961

Snowy Santas

Barclay No.1964 leaving Brownhills West – Pic with kind permission of Bob Anderson.

Another very successful Santa weekend at Chasewater Railway in spite of the snow.  Well done to all the staff who kept things running in the bitterly cold weather and the snowfall on Saturday, and a big ‘thank you’ to our visitors for braving the weather to come and see Santa.

There are just two more Santa days to go before Christmas – both sold out – let’s hope that we can keep the steam going to the end!

My thanks to Bob Anderson for the use of his photographs. On this occasion I was busy working inside and did not have time to take any pics – as Bob found out!! ‘Nuff said!Lovely shot, Bob.

Santa Specials – so far so good

Looking across the lake from the road leading to the railway.

As you can see from this photo, it has been very cold at Chasewater this last few days – it makes life very difficult if you’re running steam trains.  The staff at Chasewater Railway have done a magnificent job in keeping the trains (and the water!) running.  Today, Tuesday 7th December, it was -10 degrees when I started out, and it was still below freezing when I returned home in the afternoon.The Barclay loco 1964 running round at Brownhills West – just look at the frost-covered trees behind the carriages. It’s certainly cold but looks beautiful in the sunshine.

We have to say a big thank you to the staff who have been wrapping parcels over the past few weeks, in the Heritage Centre with little or no heating – well done everyone!Another thank you goes to the staff of the Chasewater Park, who have kept the road over the bridge open to traffic – it could have been chaotic!

The first four days of the Santa Specials have gone better than we could have expected given the weather conditions – only another nine to go!

Looking from the railway towards the dam.

Coming soon

The Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn loco ‘Meaford No.2’  – 7684/1951 0-6-0T is coming to Chasewater Railway.  It has been purchased by one of our members and may be at Chasewater before Christmas. Watch this space!

Meaford No.2 picture by –  tvdigg.net

Santa Specials First Weekend

Very busy on Saturday but I don’t know about Sunday as I was only there in the morning before the trains started to take a few photos.There was the usual well-stocked shop and behind it, the Freeford model railway layout.At the far end of that was Santa’s Grotto and to the right, another layout.The camera was safe as Oz was looking downward!!How about that for a look of concentration!A model of the Golden Arrow.Mitch’s model steam tram, and in the background, the Tri-Rail shop and the refreshment stall – I’ll try to get more photos later in the week.Into the Museum and a 009 gauge layout from the West Bromwich Railway Model Club.This is the Fishley Model Railway layout.

Christmas is a comin’

Santa Specials

2008_11302008Santa0009Santa won’t be long, now!

With his friend Meccano JoeMeccano 3

It’s time to think about booking for your visit:  go to


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To see the Meccano working, use the link to youtube

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