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Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces 63

Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces 63

RPS Newsletters No. 5 & 6, Nov 1973 – Feb 1974.

Again two for the price of one!Mercian Dec 1970

From No.5


Work has been progressing steadily in this direction; our recently purchased lathe and shaping machine have now been installed in our small workshop at the top end of the compound.  This project is in the capable hands of our Chairman and General Manager Derek Luker, plus the small band of usual hardworking engineering department staff.

Maryport & Carlisle Carriage

All worn and damaged panels have now been replaced, the panels primed and top coated in apple green paint to keep the vehicle watertight and dry.  This project has been carried out by Andrew Louch.  We must all agree, a job well done!  I understand that Andrew hopes to refit the compartments as and when weather and time permits.

MS & LR Carriage, Neilson, Asbestos

All progressing slowly, the work being done mainly by: John Elsley, Albert Haywood and Nigel Hadlow – not to mention Keith Sergeant on the Neilson.

Another Model & Railway Exhibition is planned for 1974, probably in the autumn.

From Mercian Dec 1970

From No.6

Attendance at Chasewater

I am pleased to report that the member participation at Chasewater during the first month of the year has been good, let us hope the numbers continue to grow.

We are planning a ‘Big Tidy up Operation’ within the compound, in preparation for the coming season; we are making a special appeal to all members for help in this drive!  We certainly must make the effort to get away from the ‘Scrap Yard’ image which prevails at present.  This of course is due to attempting to get the proverbial ‘Quart into a Pint Pot’, plus general lack of thought by members in not creating a tidy atmosphere.

New Workshop

Excellent progress has been made; we now have a lathe, shaper and pillar drill installed and in working order!!  This has been the result of the excellent team-work of Derek Luker (Chairman and General Manager), Laurence Hodgkinson (Treasurer) and Brian Hames (Committee Member).  This is positive proof of what can be achieved in a few hours each weekend by a team who know what they are doing.

Diesel loco No.20

This locomotive is now fully operational, thanks again to team-work, led by Albert Haywood and including Nigel Canning, A Pearson and S. Foster.  A really first-class effort!!

Rolling Stock

Work is still continuing on the MS&LR and the M & CR carriages.  Barry Bull (Secretary) informs me that overtures have been made from the Stockton & Darlington Centenary committee for a loan of these vehicles, together with the Neilson 0-4-0ST locomotive for the Special Stockton & Darlington National Exhibition in 1975.
From Mercian Jan 1971
Compiled by Dave Ives and printed and published by Laurence Hodgkinson.

Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces 60 March 1973

Taken from the ‘Mercian’ of December 1970

There doesn’t appear to have been another ‘Mercian’ for some time.

The Railway Preservation Society produced a newsletter, starting in March 1973 – Here are extracts from the first one.

‘This newsletter is not intended to replace our Society journal ‘Mercian’, we (the Committee) must apologise for the non-appearance of ‘Mercian’, but this has been due to technical hitches, etc.  We shall endeavour to maintain a newsletter at least every two months, and may we all hope that ‘Mercian’ will put in an appearance before too long.’

The remainder of the newsletter covers various on-going renovation work, including the overhaul of the Neilson, in the very capable hands of the General Manager, Derek Luker, ably assisted by Keith Sargeant and Colin Thomas – repairs to the smokebox and fire box – further expense is envisaged for retubing the engine.

Restoration of the MSLR carriage was continuing, with one compartment beautifully restored, fitted with new seats and original GC pictures re-hung.  This vehicle has been completely re-roofed and original ventilators and gas lamps refurbished and fitted.  A lot of work still has to be done to complete the vehicle and more volunteers were needed.

Other work included the relaying of track to the crossing from the Hednesford Road, another 300 yards needs to be done.  Work was progressing on the new platform at the Chasewater Terminus (now under the M6 Toll!).  Work had been started on tidying up the site, ready for the 1973 running season.  The Worthington Diesel No.20 (now on loan at Coors Museum, Burton-on-Trent) was having an overhauled replacement engine fitted and should be ready by the end of March 1973.

The final piece of news was regarding  a Railway Exhibition to be held at the Forum Theatre, Cannock, on the weekend of 30th June and 1st July.  It will consist of Model Railway Layouts, our own ‘Railwayana’ display, plus other preservation stands, Model Engineering Society stands refreshments and bar.  As usual, more help was needed.

Compiled by D.A.Ives (Chairman)

Also taken from the ‘Mercian’ of December 1970

Chasewater Railway Museum 1966 Jan-Feb Bits & Pieces 33

Taken from the Officers’ Reports, Mercian Jan-Feb 1966, Vol.5 No.1

The Editorial was largely taken up by explaining who was doing what.  Malcolm Willis was to be the Membership Secretary and A.A.Chatfield was to take over as Editor.

The present content will remain as in my predecessor’s time but I shall be introducing new ideas as I go along.

The most difficult thing will be to find ‘copy’ and you can all help by sending in articles, comment, criticisms – constructive or destructive – and anything else of both preservation and general railway interest.

I want to make Mercian really interesting from all angles – a start has been made by ‘Tre Pol and Pen’ and ‘Casey Jones’ (articles to come about branch lines and loco classes) – but there are other avenues of preservation still untapped such as railway architecture, carriages and wagons and signalling.  Who will start the ball rolling?????

Hon. Treasurer’s Report –  F.J.Harvey

I am pleased (you don’t see a Treasurer’s report start with those words very often!!) to be able to make my first report for 1966 quite a good one.  If the Society can maintain the good start to the New Year our position will be more healthy than it has been for some time.

The Society aims to complete payments on the Stroudley E1 this year – £115 is still owing.  Anyone who is interested in this locomotive is invited to send in a donation to this as payments are being maintained from the general funds at present.  Whilst talking about donations I would like to sincerely thank Mr. J. Strong and Mr. G. Wildish for their donations towards the removal of the Peckett 0-4-0STs.  More contributions are requested to this fund also.

Hon. Social Organiser –  A.L.Holden

A brief report about the Annual Dinner and Whist Drive – both successful, with two junior members – Andrew Horton and William Ives  – selling a huge number of Whist Drive tickets.

The Hon. Treas. and Hon. Soc. are promoting a weekly Tote amongst members and friends to raise money for the Society.  I believe that this Tote proved to be successful and continued for a number of years.   (I’ll let you know if it didn’t!)

Hon. Chasewater Secretary –  E. W. Barlow

Museum Building.  Without beating about the bush it will be as well if all members know that the loan repayments for the building will be approximately £245 per annum.  We urgently need members over 21 years of age to act as guarantors.  Will any such members please write to me in strict confidence NOW.  If 20 members are prepared to guarantee £20 each we shall be there.

Hon. Curator –  N. HadlowMSL Coach at Easingwold

MS & LR Coach. This vehicle, the first relic ever to be purchased by the RPS will soon be on its way to a temporary home at the HQ of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway. (Lovely railway, lovely people!) To move and begin initial restoration will cost £140.  The Vintage Carriage Trust are finding this money, but have asked us to help out with as big a donation as possible.  Will all members interested in yet another appeal aimed at their pockets please send donations to our Hon. Treasurer.  Amounts over £5 will be acknowledged in this magazine.MSL Coach in Chasewater Railway Heritage Centre 2010

On Sunday January 9th we moved the ex North Staffs Railway wagon which we purchased from the Shelton Iron & Steel Co., Etruria, to Chasewater.  In spite of a biting cold wind the operation went off reasonably smoothly. (I would have been surprised if there hadn’t been a biting wind at Chasewater in January!). My thanks to all those who assisted, particularly Bob Wormington and our good friend Jake Bacon, who provided his low loader.

Judging by the old photographs of the Chasewater site, it must have been wide open to the elements with very few trees providing shelter from the wind.  Anyone who has worked on the track in the winter months, even now, especially on the causeway, deserves the thanks and recognition of all members).