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Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces 59

Not good news for steam enthusiasts!

From June 1972 ‘Mercian’

Industrial News – Barry Bull

Most of what has been happening on the Industrial railway scene in the Midlands over the last few months makes the outlook for steam enthusiasts rather grim.

The winter began with the replacement of steam at Holditch Colliery, near Newcastle-under-Lyme by two displaced diesels from Silverdale Colliery.  The two steamers here ‘Cornist’, a Hudswell Clarke six-coupled side tank and ‘Dilhorne No.3’, a Bagnall built Austerity were both in a very run-down condition by the end.Robert Nelson No.4 HE 0-6-0ST 1800-1936 Littleton No.5-0-6-0ST MW 2018-1922 – c1963.

Littleton, West Cannock and Cannock Wood continued using their steam up until the miners’ strike but since then new diesels have arrived in the South Staffs NCB Area and steam work has ceased.  During last summer it was possible to see the big Manning Wardle (Littleton No.5) at Littleton in regular use, also the 16 Hunslet, ‘Robert Nelson No.4’ and the Austerity.  An interesting survival here is a Midland Railway 10 ton goods brake, built Derby 1900 in use as a store van for oil; this is in a poor condition however.  All the three steam are now dumped in the open.  The two Austerities and the Bagnall ‘Topham’ at West Cannock are dumped by the screens.  The Austerity ‘Wimblebury’ at Cannock Wood was steamed one day a week until the strike, but never since.

In Birmingham, Bromford Tube Works cut up their remaining steam loco last year (1971) and Dunlop’s three went for preservation, including the Chasewater Railway resident ‘Linda’, Bagnall loco 2648/1941, formerly Dunlop No.6.

Nechells Power Station hired a diesel from BR towards the end of the year and steam working here finished last November.  However the Peckett 0-4-0ST No.1, delivered here new in 1916, was repaired and transferred to Northampton Power Station.  Her sister No.2 and the three big Robert Stephenson and Hawthorn 0-6-0STs are available for sale.

On the brighter side the little Barclay 0-4-0ST continues service at Stourport Power Station with a Peckett spare, and one of the big Bagnalls at British Leyland, Longbridge can be seen in steam almost every day.

With steam going at such a fast rate we have decided to try and arrange visits to some places where steam remains in working order.  Below is a list of places we are negotiating to see:

British Celanese, Spondon, Derby.

We have finalised details for a visit here on Saturday, June 24th (1972) when a loco will be specially steamed for us.  We expect quite a large turn-out for this visit as visits here are not normally permitted.  There will be a 10 pence levy per person for this event.

We also expect to have a visit to Cadley Hill Colliery, near Burton-on-Trent on Saturday, October 28th, again it is hoped, with one loco specially steamed.

Before this visit, we hope to fit one in to the Cannock Area pits but negotiations are still in the early stages for this.

These visits are open to members and non-members alike.

Snibston Weekend

Snibston Weekend

Last weekend, the 22nd and 23rd of May, a number of Chasewater Railway members attended an event at Snibston in Leicestershire.  Also there was the Bagnall engine ‘Linda’ (2648/1941).

It seems that a good time was had by all and a lot of good photographs were taken.  Some are included in this post and there is a link to more on the blogroll on my home page. (‘Linda’ at Snibston)Pics with permission of


May 9th Chat

May 9th Chat

Bagnall loco Linda out on her second trial session, following her first runs on Saturday seemed to be behaving well – ready for next weekend’s trip to Snibston.  I hope that it goes well for all those attending.

In the Museum this Sunday we were busy with more preparations for next Sunday’s Accreditation inspection. More information was put in the stands in the Heritage Centre, and more information in the Museum too.  Considering the cold breeze today we had a good number of visitors – 170 in all.

As you can see in the picture, we kept Godfrey busy, cleaning and polishing the stands as well as adding more info.  It’s nice to know that we have found another job for him and, thinking about it, with Linda being out in the steam and smoke, she could probably do with a polish.  Note the firm hold with the left hand and the swift polishing movement with the right – too fast for the camera to keep up with!  A first class operator for the loco, and I’m sure that Jean will take note as well!

More Chat – School Visit plus Bagnall ‘Linda’

School Visit plus Linda

I’ve been to Chasewater Railway this morning with Godfrey (he’s still speaking to me after the trolley bus episode!) to show our visitors round.  There were 51 children with 6 adults from Westfield Junior School, St. Ives, Cambridge – all well behaved – even the teachers!   They had a look around the Heritage Centre and the Museum and the hour or so that they were with us went very quickly.  As I said before, they did not have time for a train ride – maybe another time.

While there, I took the opportunity to take a photograph or two of the Bagnall locomotive ‘Linda’ now the paint job has been finished – a first class job by Chris, Jason and Dave.  It seems a shame that she will have to go out in the rain!Sunday 9th May, Asbestos brings a train in and Linda takes a run down the line.

A Bit of Chat – May Day

A Bit of Chat

The May Day Bank Holiday was a fairly quiet affair – the weather was cold for the time of year and a stiff breeze didn’t help.  After the recent good numbers through the museum, the best we could manage over the weekend was 208 on Monday.

We have an important museum inspection coming up on May 16th and we are asking for help in keeping the Heritage Centre neat and tidy – it would be very much appreciated.

This Friday, 7th May, we have a party of children from Cambridgeshire paying us a fleeting visit, just a tour of the museum and heritage centre – sadly not enough time for a train ride!

I’m told that the paint job on Linda the Bagnall loco is now complete ready for her trip to Snibston.  I haven’t seen her now that Dave has worked his magic but she was looking very well in her new colours.Looking smart even before Dave got to work!

Cannock Chase Miners and Chasewater Stuff

Off to the Museum of Cannock Chase this morning to attend the AGM of the Cannock Chase Mining Historical Society – it’s nice to know what’s going on and, let’s face it, without coal mines there would be no Chasewater Railway.  There are some interesting talks coming up in the months ahead – on April 13th, our old friend Ron Bradbury is giving a talk about John Robinson McClean – one time owner of the Cannock Chase Colliery Company and the South Staffordshire Railway (not a lot of coal went down the cut for a while!).  In July there will be a talk about the War Camps, I’m afraid that I missed the details about this one, and in October, Alan Dean is giving a talk about West Cannock (the book on this subject should be out well before then).  On Saturday, 17th July there is a 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the closing of Brereton Colliery and the opening of Lea Hall Colliery at Brereton Parish Hall.  Together with school visits, etc., the new committee will have a very busy year ahead – good luck gentlemen.

At the end of the AGM it was off to Chasewater to do a bit of office work (I call it work, anyway!!) and on the way into the park, the latest evidence of Dave’s handiwork.This was erected by two of our young lads – Albert and Ray!!  First class job all round.

As people probably know by now, Linda will not be in action at the Winter Gala.Something definitely missing……Ah – there they are!!

After a frustrating couple of hours on the PC I was off home before I threw the thing into the pool!  Mind you, the way it’s going down now. I don’t think I could reach!I reckon it’s going to be a long couple of years before it’s back to it’s former glory.