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More Gala Pics

This is a selection of photographs sent to me by Mary Hayward – there are more and I may use some another time.  Thank you Mary.Class 08 bringing the coal train into Brownhills West – I managed to miss this one both days!Asbestos getting ready – to get wet?The coal train ready to go.Florence ready to go – Dean ready to pounce!Asbestos and 1964 on their way to Chasewater Heaths and Chasetown – give us a smile Nigel!Another happy bunny!  And it’s still early!I knew that we could rely on Keith for a smile!Liam looking smart at the start of a long day.Linda’s first run.It looks like Mitch but where’s all the black smoke?!!Rob giving Linda a bit of attention.Bass No.5 and the shark in the bay.Like a rabbit caught in the headlights!That’s better!!Where’s that coal train gone?!To the woods!Passenger train coming into Church Street, the coal train ready to go.The Shark, Laura and Dave – don’t they all look tidy?!!Time to have a minute!

That’s all folks!

Chasewater Railway Industrial Gala – Sunday

Chasewater Railway Industrial Gala

Day 2 – SundayFirst train ready to go!

Sunday started with a cool breeze blowing down the platform at Brownhills West, but away from the buildings it wasn’t too bad.

Everything seemed to run very smoothly from where I was watching – it looked very complicated but the engines all managed to end up where they were supposed to be.  Good organisation!

The ‘No.5’ can just about be seen through the smoke!

The shunters were playing their part moving stock around, the Bass No.5 now looking very smart with Dave’s ‘No.5’ artwork in evidence.

Later in the day, the Narrow Gauge started running and had a good couple of hours running including getting up the bank in style!

Their loco also looked smart after more of Dave’s handiwork.

The Model Railway was running both days – still looking good.

One of the highlights of the day was the appearance of our President, Steve Organ speeding down the platform in his motorised (and souped up?) wheelchair.  His speed could not be denied but doubt was cast over his ability to steer!

It was good to see him at Chasewater again.

Florence No.2 arrives from Foxfield for the Gala 11th 12th September.

If you haven’t been to Chasewater Railway for a while, you won’t have seen either of these locos in action.  They will both be running this weekend, 11th & 12th September, at our Industrial Gala – come and see!

The Bagnall Engine 0-6-0ST 3059/1954 Florence No.2 arrived at Chasewater Railway today, Tuesday 7th September at lunchtime from Foxfield Railway.

Lowering the trailer ready for off-loading.

Nearly ready!

Almost down

Easy when you know how!

Looks smart!

The Narrow gauge is getting ready too!Trains running from 10.00am Saturday and Sunday.

Coming for the Industrial Gala 11th & 12th September

Photo: Kieran H.

Wm Bagnall 3059/1954

0-6-0ST  Florence No.2

A product of William Bagnall, Stafford, this 0-6-0ST works number 3059 of 1954 is one of the four preserved survivors of this standard design of which eighteen were built.  Nine were supplied to the National Coal Board, North Staffs Area, seven to Preston Docks, one to Birchenwood Coking Plant, Kidsgrove and one to the National Coal Board, Leicestershire Area.

The loco has two outside cylinders 16” dia x 24” stroke, has 3’ 6½” wheels and weighs 34 tons.  Three of the North Staffs locos were later fitted with Giesel ejectors (including Florence No.2).

In 1975 the loco was transferred from Florence Colliery to Cadley Hill Colliery, South Derbyshire where she remained until entering preservation in 1978 at the Battlefield Line, Shackerstone.  Sale to a member of the Foxfield railway followed in 1999 and the loco has since been returned to steam and is a regular performer on the 2½ mile Foxfield Railway, near Blythe Bridge, Staffordshire.

Industrial Gala

Saturday 12th September2009_09120001Getting steam up!

The first day of the Industrial Gala and beautiful warm sunshine – couldn’t be better!  Once timetables were available and things started moving, everything seemed to run very well and right on schedule.2009_09120011For the first time for a number of years we had the Western Re-enactment Group showing what they could do.  They certainly enjoy themselves and try to ensure that spectators enjoy it too!  Everyone knew that they were there – those guns had no silencers!!

There were the usual passenger, coal and freight trains, together with the popular push-and-pull with Asbestos and Colin McAndrew in action with the riding van and a brake van.2009_09120025The only down-side as far as I could see was the number of visitors to the museum.  Whenever our visitors have to walk around the platform instead of entering the Heritage Centre via the crossing, it seems that they just won’t do it – numbers today were well down on recent weeks, enthusiasts come to see us but not ordinary passengers.   Perhaps it will be better tomorrow if the narrow gauge is running demonstration trains.2009_09120007Bearing in mind that Sundays are nearly always better-attended than Saturdays, and the weather forecast is still exceptional, we should be very busy tomorrow.

Finally, somewhere in the region of Lakeside Station and Chasewater Heaths, the carrying case for my tripod went missing, if anyone should have picked it up, would you please hand it in to either Chasewater Heaths or Brownhills West Station?  Thank you.