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271 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces From Chasewater News – Spring 2004 Part 4 – The Heritage Centre

271 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces
From Chasewater News – Spring 2004
Part 4 – The Heritage Centre

HC 1HC 2HC 3HC 4HC 5Heritage Centre Progress pics

264 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces From Chasewater News – Spring 2003 Part 3 – General Manager’s Report

264 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces

From Chasewater News – Spring 2003

 Part 3 – General Manager’s ReportGen Manager 1Gen Manager 2Gen Manager 3Gen Manager 4 Gen Manager 5Pic Heritage Centre

Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces 85, July 1978

Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces

No. 85

From the Chasewater News Magazine No. 24 July 1978

Time to get back to some Bits & Pieces – I found this article in Magazine 24.

The Society’s Pump Handle Trolley’s next adventure.

Since the summer of 1975, when three anonymous persons were jettisoned off the causeway at great speed, the Society’s pump handle trolley has been living in retirement (or was it disgrace?) off the rails, festooned with various cast iron signs.

During a recent tidy-up the trolley was ‘re-discovered’ by one of our younger members and once the day’s running was over the trolley was re-railed, oiled and found to be in a rather sorry state of repair.  Gary Kay foolishly offered to rebuild the trolley, so it was decided to give it a final run prior to overhaul.  The party was formed of the more lunatic fringe of the Society (though Graham has since had his hair cut) namely Messrs. Attwood, Bull, Owen, Webb, Patterson and last but not least, the brothers ‘Grimm’.

At first the run was to be to the crossing and return, but before we could say ‘every confidence’ or even ‘doom and despondency’ we were carrying the trolley across the infamous ‘gap’ (the ‘gap’ was out of the Brownhills West gate and over the bridge by the fishing pool) and onto the loopline.  The loopline was found to be passable – well almost – despite a few hassles with the odd wayward bush, but an attempt at a run down the Norton branch (to the Norton East Road and Conduit No. 3, not the Pelsall to Hednesford line) was thwarted by the locals having covered the track with rubbish – everything from a three piece suite to a dead cat.  After this an attempt at ascending the causeway was made, but this too was blocked, this time by several tons of hardcore tipped by the Council.

The return trip provided more excitement, a hasty start left Mr. Bull stranded brandishing a shovel, and quite a speed was attained.  Unfortunately we were halted in full steam by a large overgrown gorse bush, which forced an evacuation of the trolley rather sooner than most of the crew anticipated as they were jettisoned, arms and legs akimbo, and ended up with rather sore arms and legs and backs, though the elder ‘Grimm’ was more concerned about hi s station master’s hat which landed dangerously near a large puddle.

After several minutes of recovery time the trolley was re-railed and a slow return to Brownhills West was made, and although it had been proved that track still existed beyond the ‘gap’ there are several members who are beginning to think that perhaps 800 yards of railway is more than enough, especially for pump handle trolley racing!!

Following the successful  re-enactment of the bucket-chain a couple of years ago, I asked Mr. Bull about a possible re-enactment of the trolley trip-  unfortunately his reply is not for publication!Now tucked away in the Heritage Centre

Hand Pump Trolley

This trolley was purchased (after a whip –round!) from the British Rail permanent way yard in Walsall in the 1970s.  A few years later, in their 1981 session, it was renovated by students of the West Bromwich College of Commerce and Technology.


Heritage Centre Latest


Baguley 0-4-0 Diesel Mechanical 3410/1955

This is the latest locomotive to come into the Heritage Centre, taking the place of Bass No.5, which is going to be used in the Industrial Gala of September 11th & 12th.

Built with a Gardner type 6L3 engine of 150 brake horse-power and fitted with Wilson Drewry transmission.  The original livery was middle green with unusual dark blue buffer beams.  The loco was delivered to Marston, Thompson and Evershed Brewery, Burton-on-Trent in February 1955.

The original  Marston’s No.4

The name and number plate can be clearly seen on the top photo, but the number 4 is missing on the photo below., although the name is there!

Charity Day – August 15th 2010

There were plenty of stalls and plenty of visitors at Chasewater today for the annual Charity Day.After the distinctly dodgy weather on Saturday, we were very lucky with the weather today – dry all day and becoming brighter and warmer as the day progressed.Over in the Heritage Centre we were also kept busy – well over 200 visitors to the Museum.  That’s the way we like it!

The Annual Chasewater Model Railway Show.

Chasewater Railway Model Railway Exhibition

July 11th 2010

Sunday 11th July saw the annual Chasewater Railway Model Railway Exhibition in the Heritage Centre, perhaps not as many exhibitors as in previous years but well supported by our visitors.

Unfortunately due to a clash of dates, I was not there this time – on holiday in Yorkshire for a few days, but  http://www.oakparkrunner.wordpress.com supplied me with news and photographs.  Many thanks.

Foxfield Industrial Superpower Steam Gala

Summer Concert by the Walsall Symphony Orchestra

Concert by the Walsall Symphony Orchestra


A first class concert by the ever popular Walsall Symphony Orchestra.  A varied programme of popular music was enjoyed by a full-house in the Heritage centre at Chasewater Railway.

As well as the music, the audience enjoyed two train rides to Chasetown, Church Street – Barclay engine No.1964 of 1929 was the loco for tonight.The Burntwood Rugby Club also had a busy evening – this is their tented village!Some railway staff had been working!!

More Chat – School Visit plus Bagnall ‘Linda’

School Visit plus Linda

I’ve been to Chasewater Railway this morning with Godfrey (he’s still speaking to me after the trolley bus episode!) to show our visitors round.  There were 51 children with 6 adults from Westfield Junior School, St. Ives, Cambridge – all well behaved – even the teachers!   They had a look around the Heritage Centre and the Museum and the hour or so that they were with us went very quickly.  As I said before, they did not have time for a train ride – maybe another time.

While there, I took the opportunity to take a photograph or two of the Bagnall locomotive ‘Linda’ now the paint job has been finished – a first class job by Chris, Jason and Dave.  It seems a shame that she will have to go out in the rain!Sunday 9th May, Asbestos brings a train in and Linda takes a run down the line.

2010 Chasewater and Chuff Road Run

2010 Chasewater and Chuff Road Run

For the fourth year, Chasewater saw the older vehicles doing their tour of the local district.

What makes it so enjoyable is hearing just about everyone saying that they either had owned one of the models or knew someone who had.   It’s certainly a great pleasure to see the type of car or commercial vehicle that we drove when we first passed our Driving Test still on the road!

Long may it continue!

More pictures on the flickr link

Please don’t forget David Pearce’s next day out: