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Stock List – 1968

With so many new additions, it was decided to publish a stocklist in the 1968 Mercian, Vol.1 No.3

I hope you can read it ok, it’s interesting to see what’s still here after 40-odd years, and what’s gone.

Hawthorn Leslie, ‘Asbestos’


Asbestos up the bank


Hawthorn,Leslie 0-4-0ST, 2780 of 1909.

Built at the company’s Forth Bank Works, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The loco has outside cylinders 14” diameter x 22” stroke, 3’6” driving wheels with a fixed wheelbase of 5’6”.  Weight in working order 27.5 tons.Delivered when new to Washington Chemical Company, County Durham, which became a subsidiary of the Turner and Newall Company Ltd.  in 1920 A large industrial complex served by sidings and a half mile branch just south of Washington station on the line between Pelaw and Penshaw, the locomotive working here until 1933, when transferred to Turner and Newall, Trafford Park Works, Manchester.

The locomotive came to Chasewater in 1968 from the Turner and Newall factory, Trafford Park, Manchester, where Asbestos was produced – hence its name.  The company asked for £100 for the loco and were asked if they could wait while the Preservation Society could organize a raffle, being short of funds.  Upon realizing the situation, the company generously waived the fee and donated the loco.  Shortly after its arrival at Chasewater, Asbestos became the first locomotive to steam on the railway.