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265 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces From Chasewater News – Spring 2003 Part 4 – Ryan & Narrow Gauge

265 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces

From Chasewater News – Spring 2003

 Part 4 – Ryan & Narrow GaugeRyan & Narrow Gauge 1Ryan & Narrow Gauge 2Smashing - ArthurWidows' Outing

Another new item in the Museum – Updated

New to our Museum

Newly acquired by the Museum curator, Mr.Barry Bull.

One of the worksplates from the Kitson loco 5036/1913 0-6-0ST Griffin. Griffin shown here with the worksplate on the sandbox and CC&WR (Cannock Chase & Wolverhampton Railway) lettering on the side of the cab.

Griffin – Kitson 0-6-0ST 5036/1913

The latest addition to the Chasewater Railway Museum is a Worksplate once carried by the Kitson 0-6-0ST ‘Griffin’, a long time resident of the Cannock Chase Colliery Company before its transfer in National Coal Board days to Walsall Wood Colliery where the loco spent its final years from 1953 until scrapped in March 1962.

Photographic evidence shows that both worksplates which had been carried on the loco’s sandboxes had already gone missing by 1960.

Griffin was the only one of the colliery locomotives to carry the legend CCWR (Cannock Chase & Wolverhampton Railway), this being painted on the cabsides.

The Worksplate is engraved brass ‘Kitson and Co. Ltd. 1913 Leeds’ and is approximately 10⅝” x 6⅜”.  Traces of black paint on the edge show the final livery.

The firm produced its first loco in 1838 and ceased building in 1938 with over 5.000 having been constructed, mostly for main line use for railways at home and abroad, relatively few were made for industrial use.

The photo of Griffin was taken at Walsall Wood Colliery on 13th March 1961.