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Brownhills – The Spot Bridge, Pier Street.

The Spot Bridge, Brownhills.

 “You cannot be serious”

Yes I can, and it is Wimbledon fortnight!!

Photo – BCN Photo Gallery

While visiting the Brownhills Canal Festival, I crossed the bridge and thought – “it doesn’t sing to you like the old one used to”.  To try to explain, when you climbed the steps of the old metal bridge, you heard a definite ‘Dong-Dong-Dong’ and when you crossed the bridge itself, it changed to’ Bong  –  Bong  –  Bong’ not quite a modern ‘Boing’ definitely ‘Bong’.  Then, of course it was back to the Dongs as you climbed back down.  The new bridge, a very nice one of the modern style, unfortunately has no voice at all – it’s just there to be walked over – sad, really.  Since I left Brownhills in 1960, I can only remember crossing the old bridge once, about seven or eight years ago, but the sound was unmistakeable – and unforgettable.  I hope I’m not the only one to remember it!  One thing about the bridge that I don’t remember, and that is calling it the ‘Spot Bridge’, it’s somewhere in the back of my brain (with everything else these days!) but I don’t ever remember using the name.One thing I will say in favour of the new bridge – it’s not just good for disabled people to use, also dogs that are getting past their sell by date.  My Dobe, Ellie, comes into that category nowadays, she looks in fine fettle but struggles to run with any speed at all.  She is very arthriticky (good word, eh!) in her back end due in no small part to not being able to be exercised for nearly 12 months after an accident chasing a squirrel in which she snapped all the tendons in her right front leg, which now has a plate and a number of bolts holding it together – it’s probably the best leg she’s got these days!  All of this means that she has great difficulty in climbing steps, so without the new bridge and its ramps, we would have been stuck on the Brownhills side of the canal!

Brownhills Canal Festival – June 26th 2011

Brownhills certainly chose the weather for the Festival!

Another fleeting visit to a Canal Festival – a quick extra short walk for my hound before shooting off to Chasewater (Brownhills Bob and Oakparkrunner have their bikes, Ivo Peters had his Bentley, I’ve got a Dobe!)This way home, Dad!

There was plenty going on to keep people happy, including the Town Crier (should it have a ‘Y’ or an ‘I’?).  It was quite early when I was there, well before eleven, but a good number of visitors were in evidence and the boat trips were already running.
Not too many boats but everyone seemed to be enjoying their day in the sun – a better Sunday than the Pelsall do a couple of weeks ago!
There will be more pics on flickr – just click flickr in the blogroll.

Life on Hednesford Hills

Just a bit about something other than railway stuff, for a change!

Life on Hednesford Hills

Out with ‘Hopalong Ellie’ (still nowhere near 100% yet, but enjoying her walks) this morning by Gaskin’s Wood when I heard a fluttering behind me and there was what I took to be a fledgling Blue Tit. It was fluttering about quite happily but couldn’t manage more than half-a-dozen flaps and about three feet in height!  It just makes you think what would happen to it if some idiot came along and started a fire, which they are doing quite a lot of at the moment in the area.

Another bit of life on the Hills for a couple of days – someone had put a couple of carp in one of the pools.  I’m not sure of the names but I think the heron calls them ‘breakfast’!!  Fortunately some teenagers with a pond at home went to get a bucket to save the fish and the heron went hungry!

Ellie the Dobermann and Hednesford in the snow.

Hednesford in the snow

and other bits

This way to the town centre!

As you may know, our Dobermann Ellie has had a problem with the tendons in her leg, and even now, some four months after her operation, she still has trouble walking.  She has a metal plate in her leg which we think may be affected by deep snow, and the snow we had was certainly deep enough.  The last few days I have been giving her a ball to carry – she obviously can’t chase it, – and just doing that seems to have bucked her up no end, she seems much happier when she’s out – she doesn’t like just walking on her lead.  So I decided, snow or no snow, she desperately needs the exercise and – ball in mouth – off we went.  She enjoyed every minute.

The leg that looks bent isn’t the bad one – it’s the angle of the photo!!

While I had my camera handy, I thought I’d pop down to the railway and see if there were any trains about – got the one due in Hednesford from Birmingham at about 8.50am

Passing under the bridge in Stafford Lane before entering the station.

Ellie the Dobermann

At the moment I’m waiting for a phone call from the vet so that we can fetch the dog. She was due for a – hopefully – last x-ray on her leg this morning. The original idea was for him to do it while we waited but thay have all sorts of problems over there. All their computers are out of action so we had to leave Ellie and have to make the trip again!! It was -8 degrees at home when we left, -12.5 at the vets! But it is at least nice and sunny.

The idea was to have an x-ray while we were there, but the vet’s had a few problems so we had to leave her with them.

Stop Press:

Just had a phone call, everything OK, got a discharge appointment this afternoon.  Great news!

Ellie the Dobermann

I’ve been asked a few times recently about Ellie’s progress, as I haven’t put any updates here recently.  My apologies to anyone who’s interested but I’ll catch up a bit now.

As you can see from the photo, she can get out a bit now – this is her first week.  The vet didn’t want her to put too much weight on the leg for a couple of months, and now that she is out, it’s only on the lead for short spells.  The first 3 days she was allowed 2 x 5 minute walks, the next 3 days it was 2 x 10 minute walks and now we are up to 15 minutes.  She was limping a bit more this morning after her walk so I only took her once – I don’t want to set her back through pushing her too hard.

She does still limp quite a lot as she has to learn to walk on her right leg with a plate fitted inside – it can’t be easy!  On the bright side, she is getting back to her old ways now – much noisier!!

Recently, I have been putting posts on about the museum collection and today I have added rail maps to the ‘Colliery Loco’ pages, now I shall have to try and catch up with any other news.

Elle’s bells! Plus quick update!

Just got back from the vet’s – none too good today.  She has developed pressure sores under her bandages and is now on more tablets and the leg has to be left uncovered.  To make matters worse, to stop her licking the affected area, she now is wearing an Elizabethan collar (and is none too pleased!)DSCF1990We are back to the vet’s on Monday, hopefully she will have started to put a little weight on her injured leg.

Update – Saturday morning.

Leg very swollen, back to the vet’s.  Fortunately he had started antibiotics yesterday and by the time we arrived there, the leg had started to ease a little.  Back again Monday afternoon!

Ellie the Dobermann – Update 3

I’ve been asked by one or two people how Ellie’s getting on as I have posted nothing recently.  I have updated on flickr but I do apologise for not keeping my blog readers up to date.DSCF1917She was back at the vet’s last Friday and had her stitches removed.  She’s getting along ok but the back pad of her foot seems a little sore. She hasn’t got to go back to the vet’s until next Friday – we just have to put up with a Dobe with a thick pink leg!!

She’s quite happy now going outside – we take her into the garden on her lead then take it off if there are none of her furry friends about.  She has even started to get back into her old ways of barking just for the sake of it!  It was a nuisance before but sounds good now!

I think she is getting fed up with being in her bed so much but tolerates it pretty well – but she definitely misses playing with her ball.

Ellie the Dobermann – Update 2 and a bit

Visit to the Vet’s – 26-10-2009

Back to the vet’s today. She put up her usual performance in the waiting room – whine, whine and more whine, but when she was being bandaged, as good as gold!
The leg looks pretty good after just a few days, and the scar looks very neat, well stitched.
The top bandage is black with a bit of blue top and bottom.  We did ask for tan but they hadn’t got any.2009_10260009

She seems more comfortable with this dressing, but it is difficult for her to lift it high enough when she gets on her bed – she has to raise her shoulder and lean to one side to get high enough.  It doesn’t bend at all.

Back for another dressing on Thursday.

Thursday 29th – on to the Green Period.2009_10290006Complete with hand-crafted wellie!

Very pleased with her progress at the vet’s.

Ellie the Dobermann – Update

Sadly, we have found out today that she has torn the tendons in her pastern and needs an operation.(20-10-09)

Operation Friday 23rd – Operation successful! Picking her up later.


Sleep it off, Ells.

She staggered in, made it to her bed and that was that – flop!
We’ve seen the x-rays – 8 bolts 1 long screw 1 plate and a couple of bits of wire. She’ll never fall apart now! Back to the vet’s on Monday for new dressing and she’s got to keep a dressing on for about 8 weeks. No exercise. At the moment, no problem, but when she starts to feel better, oh boy!
Thanks again everyone for your support.

Update 2

Today, Ellie has worked out which way is up and is much more like her old self. Last night was difficult in so far as she had to take a pain-killer with food but didn’t want to eat. A tin of sardines and some cheese may not sound too good, but it did the trick.