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Back with Museum Stuff

I’m sorry that posts have been thin on the ground for the last few days, I’ve been catching up with museum paperwork ready for a meeting this afternoon.  The meeting went well, I think.  We left feeling pleased anyway! We’ve received some nice items in the last week or so.Some nice Hornby ‘0’ gauge rolling stockAnd one of our friends found two ‘Dinky’ wagons to make up the set with the tank engine.

We’ve also had a small collection of souvenir badges and some nice colliery plates – one of which is shown here.

Don’t forget the Cannock Chase Mining Historical Society meeting, next Tuesday 12th October, at the Museum of Cannock Chase from 7.00pm to 9.00pm.  A talk by Alan Dean about the West Cannock Colliery.

Finally, a nice loco worksplate, BTC No.2608 from 1958, which was carried by the loco Holwell No.17.

Museum Notes

Press Release (13th September 2010): Provisional Museum Accreditation

Chasewater Railway is delighted to announce that the Museums, Libraries & Archives Council (the MLA) has awarded the Railway’s Museum the status of “Provisional Accreditation”. Some work is still to be completed to achieve full accreditation, but the award has attracted congratulations from the MLA, the Consultant Accreditation Assessor and the West Midlands Regional Accreditation Adviser, all of whom have described it as an “excellent achievement”.

The Railway’s Chairman, David Bathurst, said: “This is a significant event for the Museum team, who have been working for a number of years alongside museum professionals to develop the standards of care and other procedures that represent what is best for the management and display of the Railway’s superb collection of railway artefacts.

“If you are intending to visit the Railway, make sure that you call in to see the Museum (located in the Heritage Centre at Brownhills West Station) and see for yourself. Whether you are knowledgeable about railways or not, we believe that you will leave the Museum suitably impressed by the displays and by the enthusiasm of the Museum staff.”

Some New Items

This clock was presented to Mr. J. E. Garnett by British Railways North Eastern Region in appreciation of 45 years service.  It was given to the Chasewater Railway Museum by Mr. Garnett’s grandson, Mr. Phil Arundale of Burntwood.Museum Curator, Mr. Barry Bull, putting the clock right on it’s new stand.  It keeps very good time but sadly it has lost its talking point – it now does the correct number of chimes.  It was more fun guessing how many it was going to do – the record stood at 21!

We are very grateful to accept this clock, which has already received many favourable comments, and thank Mr. Arundale for his most generous donation.

Another recent donation is this camera and tripod, which belonged to Norman Glover, and was certainly used to take at least two of the photographs on our 2011 calendar – now available in the Chasewater Railway shops and Museum, and you get change out of a fiver!

It was given to the museum as part of a collection of documents and photographs from the Birmingham Locomotive Club, the forerunner of the Industrial Railway Society,  courtesy of Alan Wycherly and delivered by Peter Clark.  Our Curator is now examining the documents and putting them in order.  (or just reading them because he is interested!).  While going through some correspondence, Barry did find a letter addressed to himself – this does raise the question – if this correspondence goes into the Museum collection should Mr. Bull also be included in our catalogue??

Finally for these notes, a ‘Dinky’ diecast tank locomotive, given to us by Mr. Peter Bujara, found in a Charity Shop.

After some deliberation it was decided to repaint the loco to its former glory.  This was done by a good friend of the museum, Derek Wright.