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Classics at Chasewater

Classics at Chasewater – 2010

On Sunday 26th September the Classics at Chasewater was held.  There was a good turnout of vehicles – as usual for these sorts of events, I recognised a lot of them from my youth!!  The Ford in the centre of the pic above is similar to my first car – but I bet the owner doesn’t have to carry a watering can with him as I did!

There must be many hours of work put into these vehicles for this type of show but all the owners really seem to enjoy their day out.  Well done to everyone.There were a few commercial vehicles there when I went round the field, I don’t know if more turned up later.It was nice to see a few old Rileys in attendance , and this Jaguar (I hope!) such as I had never seen before.

Although the weather stayed dry, it was a bit on the cold side and it must have kept a lot of visitors away.  Shame.

I shall put a set of photographs on flickr.  Just click on the link on the home page.

September 24th, 25th, 26th September

Florence No.2 from Foxfield – at Chasewater for another couple of weeks.

This coming weekend, 24th,25th,26th September, promises to be a very busy one for lovers of latter-day transport, starting on Friday morning at 9.00am at Kidderminster, when the Severn Valley Railway’s 40th Anniversary Gala kicks off.  This event runs for three days non-stop. This means that regulars at Chasewater Park have two days to visit the Severn Valley before coming to Chasewater on Sunday 26th for the ‘Classics at Chasewater’ exhibition and, of course, Chasewater Railway will be running steam all day.City of Truro – Ashley Dace

Chasewater Vintage & Classic Transport Show, 2010

Vintage & Classic Transport Show, 2010

In Aid of the Midland Air Ambulance

A first class show put on by Helen Tindill and her team – how much work must have gone in to arranging it.  After last year, the question was – could the success be repeated?  Not ‘arf!  Repeated and exceeded, a great effort by all involved – including of course – the exhibitors for all the work that they put in to keep their vehicles in pristine condition.

I took some photos quite early in the proceedings, hoping to get back later and take more, but with the show being so well attended, and a good number visiting the railway, the time just wasn’t there.  There is a set to be found on my flickr link.