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Museum Exhibit No.488


Brick from F.H.Gordon, Brownhills

It may seem strange thing for a railway museum to have a collection of bricks, but bearing in mind that Chasewater Railway runs on what is left of the mineral railways of the district and they were used for moving coal and a lot of pits had their own brickworks, maybe you can see the connection!  This particular brick had us guessing, as none of us could remember a brickworks in Brownhills.

It seems that the Brownhills Brick Works was near the present Clayhanger Bridge and had wharves on the canal for loading.  Among its products was ‘our’ building brick.

The brick works were started by Francis Harry Gordon in the 1870s, the area having a 30ft measure of clay.  The buildings included three drying sheds, the largest measuring 150ft x 30ft and had a cast iron plated floor.  The neighbouring Walsall Wood Colliery Brick Works undercut the price of F.H.Gordon and the Brick Works closed in 1896.  (Which is probably why none of us can remember it!)