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Beyer Peacock & Co. Ltd., Manchester

Beyer Peacock & Co

Beyer, Peacock and Company was an English locomotive manufacturer with a factory in Gorton, Manchester. Founded by Charles (formerly Karl) Beyer and Richard Peacock, it traded from 1854 until 1966. It received limited liability in 1902, becoming Beyer, Peacock and Company Limited.05101 McClean 0-4-2ST Beyer Peacock 28-1856 Cannock Chase Colliery Co

Cannock Chase Colliery loco named  ‘McClean’ after the founder of the company and was number 28 of 1856, acquired new.

The two entered into partnership, opening a Market Street office and there formulated plans for a new Gorton Foundry. The source of most of their finance was a banker, Henry Robertson, who became a ‘sleeping’ partner. Twelve acres of land were purchased, next to the railway at Gorton and the first brick of the new workshop was laid on March 14th., 1854. The first recorded meeting of Beyer. Peacock and Company was convened on January 12th.. 1855, in Gorton. The following month, the far from sleeping partner, Robertson, launched the first sales campaign and obtained an order from the South Staffordshire Railway for four engines, each to weigh twenty five tons and cost £2750. Only sixteen months after construction of the factory was commenced, the first Beyer-Peacock Locomotive was completed, delivery being effected on July twenty-first, 1855. Orders followed quickly, from the East Indian Railway; the Royal Swedish Railway; the Lombardo and Venetian Railway; and many others, throughout Europe and globally, from Peru to Burma. As orders increased, so did the size of the factory. It is a testament to the far-sightedness of Beyer and Peacock that, for at least the next fifty years. development of the factory proceeded precisely on the lines set out by the two engineers in 1854.