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Chasewater Railway News – Easter 2011

Chasewater Railway News – Easter 2011

 In spite of the Railway not being able to cross the causeway (due to circumstances entirely beyond their control), there was still plenty of activity at Chasewater over the weekend.  ‘Linda’ and ‘Asbestos’ were both in steam running to the causeway and back and giving brake van rides, and the Hunslet was in action shunting at times.  Easter Monday saw an Easter Egg Hunt well organised and run by the Junior Section and judging by the number of parents and children about this seems to have been well supported – grand job!In the Heritage Centre the W59444 carriage is nearing completion with the reupholstered seats now in place – very smart!I popped in to see the Model Railway Group again this week; it’s good to have it running regularly although with one or two slight hitches at the moment.  I would imagine that the problems will start to get sorted out when the Bank Holiday Season is over.  I must admit that I look forward to the time when more model steam engines are running – my personal preference over diesel, sorry.In the Museum there have been a couple of new additions – a Block Instrument with bell box, LNER origin and a new brick for the collection of colliery bricks.  This was an anonymous donation of a Bretby Colliery brick – I must admit that I didn’t know where Bretby Colliery was so it was duly ‘googled’ and found to be in South Derbyshire – I was also surprised to see a photo of one on ‘flickr’!

No trains at the moment, but….

No trains at the moment, but….

Although there are no trains running in January and maybe a restricted service in February, there is still plenty of activity at Chasewater Railway.

It seems that people are starting to find the Museum – even with no trains to attract visitors; there were still 96 people through the Museum on Sunday 23rd January.

The Permanent Way group are busy with maintenance work on the line – hard and heavy work, but it keeps them warm!

Carriage & Wagon Dept.This is just the start!A fair bit of stuff brought out!

The Carriage & Wagon department have been very busy taking the Class 116TS carriage No. W59444 built in 1958, apart – the inside is to have a complete makeover – including re-upholstering the seats.  Taking it apart went well and we have every confidence that it will go back together just as successfully!Now the ceiling’s gone!

New artefacts continue to arrive in the museum, including old coinage, old bottles (still with marbles in them!) and maybe later this week – another signal box nameboard!A nice perch – and some young ones!

The last of the fish have been taken from the reservoir so that the work on the dam can continue, and it is hoped that work will start putting the culvert through the railway causeway early in February.This pike looks in good nick!