Nynäshamn Railway Museum


Nynäshamn Railway Museum

One of the dilemmas of the preservation of the railway heritage is the wish to save vehicles and installations for the future versus the cost (in dollars and manpower) to prevent it from gradually disappearing.
Luckily, groups of enthusiasts have joined and continue join to create associations with purpose to collect, preserve and show this heritage to the public, often in live operation. These voluntaries then not only contribute to the preservation of the heritage but also contribute to the tourism in the area (not always being thanked for it!). But all this means a lot of work …
This panorama photo from 2013 shows a typical situation for an association:  Many vehicles being worked on; many more collected in various states of degradation, waiting for their turn …

We must not forget, that it’s only thanks to these enthusiasts that we now and in the future have an opportunity to enjoy and take photos of our railway heritage!


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