Steam Railways in Preservation in the 1980s-90s – August 26th – September 2nd 1988

Steam Railways in Preservation in the 1980s-90s

August 26th – September 2nd 1988

SentinelSentinel, departmental Locomotive No.54, takes the Clayton Branch on the Middleton Railway, Leeds, with the ‘All-line’ tour of Sunday, 17th July 1988.

Stockton & Darlington Railway journeys possible

On Sundays, until 2nd October, it is possible to ride on multiple unit trains along a freight-only section of the former Stockton & Darlington Railway.
Two return trips are being operated on those days from Bishop Aukland to Stanhope, which is only three miles short of the existing railhead at Eastgate. The trains depart at 9.26 and 1626 and return from Stanhope at 10.15 and 17.20, with all services running from/to Darlington.
The Weardale line is picturesque and full of interest for railway enthusiasts, with the present trains traversing sections of the railway opened in 1843, 1847 and 1862.
The fare is a bargain and the service will possibly operate in future years if sufficient numbers travel before the service ceases on 2nd October.


‘Scarborough Spa Express’ season gets under way.

On Sunday 14th August the steam hauled excursion trains between York and Scarborough commenced their short season of operations, with locomotive Sir Nigel Gresley in charge.
Last Sunday, 21st August, the train was hauled by Bulleid West Country Pacific No.34092 ‘City of Wells’ and the locomotive scheduled to power the train on Bank Holiday Monday, 29th August, was GWR 4-4-0 ‘City of Truro’, but No.92220 will probably be used in lieu.

CubsWolverton 150 Festival

One hundred and fifty years after the arrival of the railway to Wolverton, the anniversary is to be celebrated with the largest festival that the town has ever seen. Local residents and businessmen who are arranging the Wolverton 150 Festival, which will take place next month, are hoping the event will give a new lease of life to the town, which is now part of the new City of Milton Keynes.
Planned to coincide with the anniversary of the operation of the first passenger train to pass through the town on its journey from London to Birmingham, Wolverton 150 will celebrate the heyday years when the population was booming, alongside the busy LNWR and LMS carriage works.
Though the recent history of Wolverton Works has seen contraction, British Rail is taking a leading role in the festival which will commence with the operation of a special train carrying celebrities from Euston to Wolverton on September 17th.
Highlights during the two-week event will include a locomotion exhibition, vintage road vehicles, music, drama, a bazaar and a firework display. Behind the bunting, festival organisers are trusting that the event will give back the community spirit to Wolverton which was enjoyed during the years when every family knew someone who was employed at the works.
The first Lantern Parade was held in 1988 as part of the Wolverton 150 Festival that celebrated the 150th anniversary of the founding of Wolverton as a railway town. It has been held as an annual festival in December ever since. The Festival takes the form of a street parade with a samba band. Many smaller lanterns are candle lit but the larger lanterns, now tend to use LED lighting.

wolverton-150 copyLlangollen

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