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North British loco D2911 in action – July 5th 2014

North British loco D2911 in action – July 5th 2014

Canal News – ‘Keppel’ – Help build a floating classroom

Canal News – ‘Keppel’

Help build a floating classroom




We need £10,000 to restore Keppel and transform her into a floating classroom by the end of August 2014
Will you help the Etruria Boat Group volunteers restore this historic work boat and transform her into a floating classroom?
Keppel is an admiral class boat, built by British Waterways in 1960. Used as a workboat until the mid-70s she’s been through a few owners before finding herself in the hands of the Etruria Boat Group. The group’s volunteers urgently need to raise £10,000 to keep her in the water.
Following 50 years of continuous service, Keppel now needs a new bottom, paint job and other repairs to keep her afloat. This work, much of which will be completed by volunteers, needs to be carried out before the end of August. If this doesn’t happen then Keppel will sink, restoration simply won’t be possible and she will be lost forever.
By making a donation today, she’ll be fitted out as a floating classroom and will travel to community events in and around Stoke-on-Trent, educating children and adults alike about the history of our waterways and the essential role they play in today’s society.
Our unique waterways connect people to their past, to nature and provide a much-needed place to escape to. Without them our lives would be poorer. However, unless we educate people about them they won’t be protected forever.
Boats like Keppel are an invaluable way of getting people to appreciate our waterways. There’s nothing like stepping onto a historic boat to get the feel for what our waterways were like in the past and what we’ll lose if our canals aren’t protected.
She started her life maintaining the canals of England and Wales. By restoring her she’ll be able to ensure their future by teaching a new generation about their importance.

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