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Some Early Lines – A couple of Midlands cross-country routes

Some Early Lines


A couple of Midlands cross-country routes which did not achieve their geographical ambitions. The first one was the ambitious Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway, which extended no further than Chesterfield in the west and Lincoln in the east, and was absorbed by the Great Central in 1907. It lost its passenger services in the 1950s, and most of the line is now abandoned. This view shows a train from Lincoln at Dukeries Junction in 1946, headed by GNR 4-4-2T No. 4531.

Wath Station

The old Hull & Barnsley Railway was another line which did not live up to its title, in that it did not quite reach Barnsley, the connection being made at Cudworth on the Midland main line. Its passenger services ran only over the main line between Hull and Cudworth (with certain through services to Sheffield) and a branch to Wath. The latter ceased in 1929 and this view shows Wath station as it was in 1947.