Canal News – Winter stoppages The 2014/15 consultation

New Charity LogoWinter stoppages

The 2014/15 consultation

Each winter, we take the opportunity of reduced cruising activity to concentrate effort on essential repairs and maintenance to the canals. Once again we’re inviting you to review the provisional plans prepared by our local works planners and comment on the plans, helping us to minimise disruption.

Once your first round of comments have been received our works planners will consider all feedback received online and will make amendments both in response to these and as a result of updates from project engineers.

Version two of the plans will then be released and you will have a chance to make further comments. Our works planners will once again consider all feedback and will make any further appropriate changes, before we publish the final plan for implementation over the winter. We expect to publish the final version during September.

Comments will be open on the first version of our plans until Friday 20 June.

Visit to view the proposed stoppages


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