Steam Locomotives of a More Leisurely Era 1922 – 4-Cylinder 0-6-0T North Stafford Railway

Steam Locomotives of a More Leisurely Era

1922 – 4-Cylinder 0-6-0T

North Stafford Railway

The engine as first builtThe engine as first built

This was an experimental locomotive built by J.A.Hookham in 1922, and was the only 4-cylinder tank engine to run in this country.  The cranks of the inside and outside cylinders were set in such a way that the engine gave eight exhausts to every revolution of the driving wheels in place of the customary four (this arrangement was later adopted on the SR by Maunsell in his ‘Lord Nelson’ class).

The purpose of the new No.23 was quick acceleration with suburban trains, but it does not appear to have been greatly successful in this capacity, and it was in 1924 converted to an 0-6-0 tender engine and used on freight work.

On being absorbed into LMS stock in 1923 it was allocated No.1599 in the tank series, but never carried this, as on conversion to a tender engine it became No.2367.  Again renumbered 8689 in 1928, it was cut up later in the same year.

Driving wheels – 4’ 6”,  Cylinders (4) – 14”x 24”,  Pressure – 160 lb.,  Weight – 56¾ tons


Hookham’s 4-cylinder 0-6-0T No. 23 of 1922, designed to speed up services by accelerating suburban passenger trains rapidly between stations. To ensure an even torque on starting the cranks were set to give 8 exhausts for each revolution of the driving wheels. A revolutionary design whose worth the LMS failed to appreciate.

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