Chasewater Railway Museum Donation

Chasewater Railway MuseumDSCF9073


The Chasewater Railway Museum has received a significant donation from Dr.P.Fuller in memory of her late father, Mr. Anthony William Eele Fuller.  This donation comprised approximately 100 books, 50 DVDs, 30 videos, 5 pictures and a Hornby GWR Mixed Traffic train set.DSCF9099

The photograph shows some of the museum staff perusing a small part of the collection, some of which will add to the museum’s collection of books and DVDs while others will be sold to add to the museum’s funds for future purchases of railway artefacts.  The model railway has already been sold to a member of the railway, making a significant contribution to funds.

The Chasewater Railway Museum sends Dr. Fuller sincere condolences on her loss and many thanks for the donation, which will be put to good use.


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