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Steam Locomotives of a More Leisurely Era 1913 – ‘Claughtons’ – London & North Western Railway

Steam Locomotives of a More Leisurely Era

1913 – ‘Claughtons’

London & North Western Railway

No. 6021 'Bevere' one of the unrebuilt enginesNo. 6021 ‘Bevere’ one of the unrebuilt engines

Bowen-Cooke’s heavy 4-6-0s, the largest express engines built for the LNWR.  The first of them was 2222 ‘Sir Gilbert Claughton’ and ultimately 130 were constructed between 1913 and 1921.  Many of the later ones never bore names.

They did quite good work in the latter days of the LNWR, but on the whole were somewhat underboilered in relation to the capacity of the four cylinders, and in 1928 twenty of them were provided with new boilers of considerably increased dimensions, some of them also being fitted with Beardmore-Caprotti valve gear.

One engine of the class was chosen to commemorate the memory of the LNWR men who lost their lives in the First World War.  It was given the number 1914 and named ‘Patriot’.  The LMS numbers from 1923 onwards were 5900-6029 and the first to be cut up was No.5977, in 1929.  In 1930 Nos. 5971 and 5902 were nominally rebuilt into what later became the ‘Baby Scot’ or ‘Patriot’ class, but the new engines were totally different from the old, having three cylinders and many other essential differences.  The first two engines, which subsequently became Nos. 5500 and 5501, did in fact incorporate the wheels of the ‘Claughtons’ they replaced, but the later ones were entirely new throughout.

The new 5500 was named ‘Patriot’ and was not a direct replacement of the original engine, which had been renumbered 5964 and was scrapped in 1934.  All of the unrebuilt engines had disappeared by 1935.  The large boilered rebuilds lasted a little longer, but by 1937 four of these only remained, Nos. 5946, 6004, 6017 and 6023.  Three of them went in 1940-1, but No. 6004 out-lasted all the others by several years and was not scrapped until 1949.  It never bore its allotted BR number 46004.


As built – Driving wheels – 6’ 9”,  Cylinders (4) – 16”x 26” later 15¾”x 26”,  Pressure – 175 lb.,  Tractive Effort – N/A,  Weight – 77¾ tons,  LMS classification – 5

As rebuilt – Driving wheels – 6’ 9”,  Cylinders (4) – 15¾”x 26”,  Pressure – 200 lb.,  Tractive Effort – 27072,  Weight – 79 tons 9 cwt,  LMS classification – 5XP