Hednesford – New Tesco

1 Old Aqua2 H-Ford bus stn3 Old Bingo Hall4 DSCF90395 DSCF90406 DSCF9009
7 DSCF90118 DSCF90139 DSCF901410 DSCF901511 DSCF901912 DSCF9037
13 DSCF908314 DSCF913015 DSCF913216 DSCF913317 DSCF913418 DSCF9148
19 DSCF908520 DSCF914721 DSCF900622DSCF900823 DSCF900924 DSCF9011

Hednesford – New Tesco, a set on Flickr.

A series of photographs following the building of Tesco’s new store in Hednesford.
The first 3 photos show part of the site before building work started,  The bus station photo was by ‘walsall1955’.  The next 2 show the site after it was cleared, taken from Hednesford Hills.
The remaining photos show various stages in the construction, some taken from Hednesford Hills and some from across Hednesford Park.
The final pictures show the completed Tesco store and the new Aquarius building

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