Some Recent Chasewater Railway Museum Activity

Some Recent Chasewater Railway Museum Activity

Cuneo PrintA ‘Cuneo’ print given to the Museum by Allan Reynolds

Letter scalesA set of scales – 16 x 1 ounce divisions – given by Mike Mason

Rushall SB Dia cropped  Rushall Signal Box Diagram – purchased by our curator, Barry Bull

PlaqueA collection of badges, given to the Museum by two metal detector enthusiasts,  P.Derry and B.Ewins

Two of them are pictured below.

Coronation June 26 1902

1902 Coronation of King Edward VII

Edward was the eldest son of Queen Victoria and ascended the throne on January 22, 1901 upon Victoria‘s death. Born in 1841 he had to wait a long time to succeed to the throne. He married Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863 who bore him three sons and three daughters.
The coronation was originally scheduled for
June 26, 1902, but Edward had to undergo an emergency appendectomy operation, so the coronation was postponed until August 9, 1902.

Pelsall Miners Ass Sept 1899Pelsall Miners Association badge, 1899

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