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Chasewater Park News – Bumper bloom of wildflowers at Chasewater

Chasewater Park News

Bumper bloom of wildflowers at Chasewater

July 2013

Published on Friday, 28th June 2013

Wildflowers thrive at Chasewater Country Park, thanks to grazing cattle.

Lichfield District Council has noticed that, since cattle have been grazing on the land, even more wildflowers are growing across Chasewater Country Park.

Cattle have been grazing on the Site of Special Scientific Interest each summer and autumn since 2007 to keep the precious heathland habitat under control. This means the council does not need to manually remove scrub, as cattle do the job naturally.

In turn, the gentle grazing of the land has meant that wildflower numbers are starting to increase, which is good news for biodiversity as the flowers encourage more animals to the site.

Councillor Ian Pritchard, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Development Services, said: “Our countryside team has been working hard to bring back grazing to Chasewater Country Park, and after successfully introducing cattle to the park some years ago, we’re all delighted that wildflowers are now thriving, including the rare Round-leaved Wintergreen.

“As the summer progresses, the number of wildflowers will only increase, which should make for even more beautiful views at Chasewater.”