Chasewater Wetland Walk

Chasewater Wetland Walk

Lichfield District Council

WQetland Walk pic

A new wetland walk launches at Chasewater County Park.

Thanks to funding from Natural England’s Higher Level Stewardship Grant, Lichfield District Council’s countryside team has recently finished work on a new wetland walk at Chasewater Country Park.

The two-year project has seen the creation of a new route through a section of the park’s precious wetland habitat. This includes a series of footpaths and boardwalks which allow visitors to access the country park’s most sensitive and beautiful habitats, while preventing walkers from inadvertently damaging the rare and delicate plants that grow in the wetland.

The footpath has been constructed with stone that has been scientifically screened to make sure chemicals will not leach into the soil of the Chasewater heaths and damage the plants growing there.

The new route will also allow the countryside team to corral Chasewater’s grazing cattle herd through the wetland without damaging the special habitat.

Councillor Ian Pritchard, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Development Services, said: “As a Site of Special Scientific Interest, it’s our responsibility to conserve this endangered habitat, and I am delighted the wetland walk has been completed. I hope lots of visitors will enjoy the new route through the wetland.”



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