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The Latest on the Scamp Miners’ Tribute Project – Monument to Miners Takes a Step Forward.

Early days for Scamp at Chasewater Railway

Monument to Miners Takes a Step Forward.

On Tuesday 23rd October representatives from Burntwood Heritage Group, Burntwood Town Council and Lichfield District Council visited the studio of sculptor Peter Walker to look at the sculpture of a Miner and Pony, which is set to adorn Sankeys Corner early next year.

This was the first chance to see the much anticipated artwork which will be a 7ft bronze realistic statue depicting a miner leaving the pit with his pit pony. The sculpture which continues to seek funding has been developed thanks to the hard work and dedication of local people to fund a monument to the men and women who worked in the area and saw their lives effected by the mining industry. Many people were involved in the industry and saw their relationship to Coal Mining both from good and bad experiences from comradeship to disaster.

The sculpture which was created in clay, will now be sent off to the foundry for casting into bronze, which takes around 3-5 months to produce. It will then be hoped that a big celebration will be held at Sankeys Corner at the time of its unveiling which will be announced in early 2013.

I, and the other members of the SCAMP committee, was filled with pride that the result of years of fund-raising and harassing any one who would listen as almost come to fruition. The final clay version of the statue is beyond belief and when it is cast in bronze will be a thing of beauty that even London or Paris could not surpass, yet it will be in Burntwood Town. A final push for funds is now on and any with a business that turns a blind eye will surely regret missing out when the final statue is unveiled. RON BRADBURY, CHAIR.

“I was amazed by the beauty and craftsmanship of the sculpture and believe that “SCAMP” will become a focal point for residents and visitors alike when it is installed next year” MARY DANBY

The sculpture design was developed from consultation and discussion in Burntwood over the past 5 years, with local miners being photographed in the pose and depicting how the miner would hold the strap of the pony’s reigns. The pony was also created after looking at a local pony and taking measurements in order to gain the correct scale. The artwork is designed by Peter Walker arbs, who lived and grew up in Burntwood, before leaving the town. He is now a leading national sculptor, developing artwork in the UK and Europe and has collectors around the World.

“For me this is perhaps the most important artwork I will make. It is for the town I grew up in and for the people I know. It is of great importance that the history of this town isn’t forgotten, and as the town gets larger the more the mining heritage disappears” PETER WALKER

“The artwork will forever stand as a symbol of an era gone by, in an place which I have walked past a thousand times with my family, and which will be I trust something which the fantastic community spirit of Burntwood will cherish” PETER WALKER

Thanks to the contributions of many thousands of people from the town, from small individual donations and from bequests as well as from contributions from LDC and local business the sculpture project is finally moving towards completion. Some funding is still required and support necessary.

The pony used as a model also visited Chasewater Railway