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Steam Locomotives of a More Leisurely Era 1898 Ivatt 4-4-2T Great Northern Railway

Steam Locomotives of a More Leisurely Era

1898 Ivatt 4-4-2T

Great Northern Railway 

No.1529 as running in 1920 in war-time grey livery.

H.A.Ivatt’s first design of tank engines for the GNR suburban services.  Nos.1009,1010,1013-20 and 1501-20 were turned out in 1898-9, Nos.1521-30 in 1901, Nos1531-40 in 1903 and finally Nos.1541-50 in 1907.  Nos.1502 onwards were fitted with condensing apparatus and shorter chimneys for working over the Metropolitan lines, and spent most of their earlier lives in the London area.  From 1921 onwards, however, they were displaced by larger Ns Class 0-6-2Ts and sent to country branches, the condensing apparatus being in most cases removed, and some being fitted for pull-and-push working.

Their numbers were increased by 3000 at the grouping (the first engine had become No.1009A owing to the construction of a new No.1009 in 1920, and duly became No.4009A).  A few were scrapped in 1937-9, and those that remained were renumbered 7350-99 in 1946.  Most of these survived to become BR 67350-99, and the last of the class did not disappear until 1958.

Driving wheels – 5’ 8”,  Cylinders – 18”x 26”,  Pressure – 175 lb., Tractive effort – 18424 lb.,  Weight – 62 tons 6 cwt., LNER classification – C12,  BR classification – 2P

1505 – lner.info