Canal News – Waterway Watch 21-8-2012

Canal News – Waterway Watch


Canal & River Trust Announces navigation advisory group

Maintaining canal and river navigations for use by boats is at the core of what the Trust does. We want to ensure that our managers’ decisions are well informed by those who navigate the waterways regularly.

The Navigation advisory group will comprise boaters with a variety of backgrounds to bring as broad a range of perspectives as possible to decision making.

There will be two sub groups:

Navigation Operations

Advice relating to safety standards, waterway operation, maintenance & repairs, and customer service standards.

Sue Cawson – Historic narrowboat owner and champion of navigation issues for the Historic Narrowboat Club. Current chair of (SUFBRS) the society responsible for the care and restoration of fly boat Saturn.

John Baylis – Extensive experience of national boating issues amassed through 45 years of boating. Ex-chairman of the IWA Navigation Committee, a post held for 12 years. Ran restoration of Frankton Locks on Montgomery Canal for Waterway Recovery Group (WRG). Now largely uses his metal and design work skills through work with WRG.

David Fletcher — Engineering consultant in the oil industry, boat owner and chairman of the National Association of Boat Owners.

Ian Harrison – Chartered civil engineer specialising in ground engineering. Experienced in local government and has a focus on regeneration and external funding. A boat owner for 38 years.

Mike Carter – Committee member of the Commercial Boat Operators Association (CBOA), owner of a mooring basin and more latterly owner and proprietor of a repair yard / dry dock. Currently operates as a marine surveyor and consultant. Owns two historic craft.

Malcolm Blundell – Lifelong boating enthusiast, boat owner and builder. Recently retired information and analysis professional, and now cruises the system extensively, reporting on travels through his website (

Kevin East – Professional background in the telecoms industry on the civil and mechanical engineering side. Waterway and environment manager at Canoe England and a member of the Canoe Camping Club National Council.

Licensing & Mooring

Advice relating to boat licensing and moorings policies and the way in which they are implemented.

Paul Le Blique – A professional engineer and narrowboater of many years. Current national chairman of the Association of Waterways Cruising Clubs (AWCC).

Tim Parker– Currently chairman of Association of Pleasure Craft Operators (APCO). Retired recently from Black Prince Holidays Ltd – a major hire fleet – where he was managing director.

Beryl McDowall – Has lived on boats since late 1960s and has worked on commercial craft for many years particularly on the Grand Union Canal south and River Soar. An officer of the Residential Boat Owners’ Association (RBOA) since 1999. Owns small-scale mooring site on River Soar

Mark Walton – A residential boater without a home mooring who has been active in progressing discussion on mooring strategy – particularly around the London and South East regions. Currently a member of Defra’s Civil Society Advisory Board..

Mike Annan – A narrowboat owner and honorary secretary of the Dutch Barge Association. Over 30 years’ experience working in the voluntary sector, more recently (before retirement) as CEO of various housing associations.


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