186 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces From Chasewater News Autumn & Winter 1995 – Part 3

186 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces

From Chasewater News Autumn & Winter 1995 – Part 3

 Loco Shed News

With the overhaul of the Sentinel nearing completion and the repairs to Asbestos well in hand, it is possible that the opening of Norton Lakeside Station on the 16th December could be another first with the special train being double-headed, which as far as I know has never been done at Chasewater before.  The work that has been done in the engine shed over the past few months has been incredible, and many thanks to Nigel Canning, Les Emery, Tony Sale and all the other willing hands that have helped.

Steam Locomotives

No.4 Asbestos – The casting for the main steam pipe was delivered during the second week in November.  After heat treating to reduce the stress on the casting it was machined courtesy of Tony Sale and the first trial fitting was on the 19th November.  A few minor adjustments were required but this has now been rectified and the casting fitted.  This should keep Asbestos running over the Christmas period and into the start of the new season.

No.5 Sentinel – The Sentinel has just about completed its long overhaul and is due for its test steaming at the end of November/beginning of December.  Hopefully this should be accomplished without any problems, and all credit to Nigel Canning for the first class job that he has done on his locomotive.  With the work completed on the Sentinel this should give us two steam locomotives in traffic.

S100 – Work continues on putting S100 back together again.  Two of the valve springs have had to be remade after a gap was found between the valve and the cylinder on one side.  One of the brake hangers has been dismantled, then cleaned and primed.  The work continues towards the completion of the chassis ready to receive its wheels.

Diesel Locomotives

Fowler diesel mechanical No.410013 – Further cosmetic work is being done to this locomotive to protect it from the winter weather and work will recommence on this locomotive after several other projects are finished.  The diesel still remains nominally serviceable.

Fowler diesel hydraulic No.422015 – The ‘Black Fowler’ remains temporarily out of service due to the breaking of three of its injector pipes whilst on works train duties.  The repairs to the pipes should be completed shortly and it should be back in service for Christmas and the start of the New Year.

L&Y No.1 – No.1 is well on the way to being put back together.  Work is proceeding on the engine with one of the two cylinder blocks now fully finished, and work is rapidly continuing on the second.  All being well the engine should be finished shortly after Christmas.  The next job on the agenda is to crane out the chassis and wheels, clean and paint them.  If all goes well No.1 could be running again by the end of 1996.  (See post No.183).

No.21 – The engine of No.21 is going back together at a slow but steady rate.  The second cylinder block has been replaced and the manifolds are being put back on.  Most of the basic repairs to the engine are now complete.  The next items on the agenda are the cooling system and the electrical systems.  This locomotive could also be finished by the end of 1996 with a bit of luck.

P.Way News

Blood, Sweat and Tears – Arthur Edwards

Most of the past several months have been taken up, in between the service trains running, with getting the track ready for the Inspector’s visit in September and again in October.  The ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ of the new extension has lived up to its name.

Blood – Because during the completion of the Causeway many a finger has been caught whilst either rolling in rail or keying up the track, so drawing blood.

Sweat – Of which a lot has flowed during the summer months, as it was one of the hottest few weeks on record, and for those who have done it, P.Way is hot and heavy work.  (Is it not, Tom?)

Tears – When things have gone wrong, and believe me they have, such as when Lakeside Station was nearing completion and we ran out of bricks to finish the platform, due to vandals knocking off the laid bricks and throwing them in the lake.  Then after the Inspector had been it was found that the rail was too close to the platform edge so that the clearances had to be altered by one or two inches, taking a dozen blokes to do it over a weekend.  (My back still remembers it.  Ed.)

In the end I received a phone call at about 5.20pm on the 25th October with the news that the extension had been passed for passenger traffic and we could now run into Norton Lakeside Station, which was very good news indeed.  I have only one request – could the P.Way lads get their breath back before we get any more track in to extend the running line, please!!

My thanks to Nigel Canning for the photos


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