Chasewater Railway Museum

Chasewater Railway Museum

Is pleased to announce that the series of books produced by Cannock Chase Mining Historical Society  is now on sale in the Museum.

 Cannock Chase Coalfield and its Coal Mines  –  £15.00

West Cannock Colliery                                              £10.00

Brereton Collieries                                                       £7.00

Holly Bank & Hilton Main Collieries                     £7.00

Cannock & Rugeley Colliery Company                 £7.00

Coppice & Leacroft Collieries                                    £7.00

William Harrison Company Ltd                                £7.00

   Conduit & Littleton Collieries                                    £7.00

Lea Hall Colliery                                                              £7.00

Education, Rescue and Training                                 £7.00

Cannock Chase Colliery Company                              £7.00

Fair Oak Colliery                                                                  £7.00

East Cannock Colliery                                                        £7.00

Hutments Book 2nd Edition                                              £7.00

                       Coppice Brereton (Flooding)                                            £7.00

                       Coal Mining in North East Walsall

                       Metropolitan Borough                                                          £7.oo

Also Available:

The book published as a lasting tribute to the mining community by

Chase Arts for Public Spaces – CHAPS

On sale at the Museum of Cannock Chase and Bella’s Cafe, Hednesford – price £5.oo


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