Some Early Lines – Kinver Light Railway

Some Early Lines

Kinver Light Railway

Kinver Light Railway


Locale Kinver, Amblecote

Open 4 April 1901  Close 1 March 1930  Status Closed

Kinver Light Railway Tram Terminus, Mill Lane, Kinver

Date: 1901 – 1920 (c.)   Description: Kinver Light Railway opened on 5th April 1901 and ran between Mill Lane, Kinver and the Fish Inn, Amblecote.

The railway began to decline after World War One and the line closed in 1930, after the arrival of regular bus routes and motor coach services.  Source: Kinver Library


Gauge  3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)

Propulsion system(s) Electric

Depot(s) Hyde Meadow, Kinver

Route length 4.19 miles (6.74 km)

The Kinver Light Railway operated a passenger and freight tramway service between Amblecote and Kinver between 1901 and 1930.

View of a tram on the Kinver Light Railway

 Date: 1902 – 1906 (c.)  Description: The railway provided improved links to Kinver, that helped make the village into a tourist trap known as the ‘Switzerland of the Midlands’. On Whit Monday 1905 is was recorded that the railway carried 16,699 passengers into Kinver.  The railway also enabled people to live in Kinver and commute to the towns for work.  Source: Mr Bills, David


The Kinver Light Railway was a subsidiary of British Electric Traction. They acquired the Dudley and Stourbridge Steam Tramways Company in April 1898 and applied for permission to build a tramway from Amblecote to Kinver.

The route ran from outside the Fish Inn at Amblecote where it had a connection with the Dudley, Stourbridge and District Electric Traction Company tracks. After passing Wollaston and Stourton, it arrived in Kinver.

Passenger service started on 4 April 1901. Although parcels were carried on passenger services from the outset, from September 1903, goods trailer vehicles were attached behind service cars for freight.

The company was taken over by the Dudley, Stourbridge and District Electric Traction Company in 1902 for the sum of £60,000 (£4,830,146 as of 2012).

The company made significant money from its freight operation. Substantial quantities of milk were carried, such that occasionally passenger vehicles were commandeered for freight use.

Tram pictured at the Hyde depot

 Date: 1901  Description: Inspector Edward Morris is pictured here standing on the right, with a driver and conductor.  Source: Mr Bills, David

 In film

The Sheffield Photo Company produced a film in 1904 entitled A Ride on the Kinver Light Railway. It was directed by Frank Mottershaw, a pioneer film maker.


The services finished on 8 February 1930, a victim of competition from motorbus traffic, and the final closure took place on 1 March 1930.

Approaching the Hyde, Kinver Light Railway, Kinver

 Date: 1901 – 1920 (c.)  Description: This is an example of one of the most popular views of the Kinver Light Railway. The tram can be seen here travelling alongside the Staffordshire & Worcestershire canal and approaching The Hyde.  Source: Kinver Library

Wikipedia & Staffordshire Past-Track

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