News – Amerton Railway’s Celebrations

Amerton Railway’s Celebrations


On Saturday May 5th we paid our first visit of the year to Amerton Railway.  It was the day of the Railway’s special day to celebrate 20 years of running passenger trains and the purchase of the land on which the railway runs.

The Mayor of Stafford, Councillor Stan Highfield, cut a ribbon in front of the 115 year-old Bagnall locomotive, Isabel, at 1.00pm to commemorate the opening of the 2012 running season on this very special occasion.

Three of the resident steam engines were in action, besides Isabel, Jennie and the vertical-boilered Paddy were also in action.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the first train run, refreshments were provided – very much appreciated and enjoyed – thank you.

The remainder of the day was spent riding round the line behind and on the various locomotives – thank you and congratulations Amerton Railway on such a wonderful day and we look forward to visiting you for the Summer Gala on June 16th and 17th.  (See below for details).

Now on youtube:

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