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175 – ChasewaterRailwayMuseum Bits & Pieces From Chasewater News Christmas 1994 – Part 1

175 – ChasewaterRailwayMuseum Bits & Pieces

From Chasewater News Christmas 1994 – Part 1


I am afraid I must again start by apologising for the lateness of the last magazine.  This was due to problems with its distribution rather than printing, but meant that the advertisements for the vehicle rally and the Warley Show were wasted.  In view of this, the only advertisements printed in future, such as those in this issue, will be checked to ensure that they are so far out of date that they are of no use to anyone!  There is, however, a rumour that a company called Regional Railways is still capable of operating to a few of the stations advertised, although I believe the fares have risen somewhat!

We at Chasewater are now on the verge of being able to run trains between two stations at last, but as the Christmas shopping facilities at Norton Lakeside are in fact somewhat limited, this year the Santa Specials will terminate short of the new station.

I would like to thank all the people who have helped with the magazine this year by writing articles, lending photos or with its production or distribution, and finally wish everyone a very


Locomotive News

Asbestos propels a train back towards Brownhills West on the day of the October 1993 Rally.

No.4 Asbestos – This engine has again managed to keep us in the steam railway business by carrying on single-handed without too many problems.  On the day of the October rally the regulator caused a few headaches when it became even more stiff to operate than usual, inducing the occasional bout of slipping.  Since then the gland has been stripped, cleaned and re-packed, and the dome cover has been removed to allow adjustment of the valve itself.  Hopefully some improvement will be apparent at Christmas, if not we have a second chance before Easter.

No further problems have been experienced with leaking tubes, although it is still planned to renew the complete set after Christmas.  One or two minor leaks have been re-caulked in the firebox, and again these will be checked during the Christmas steaming.

One or two minor repairs and improvements have been carried out, including the fitting of steam brake exhaust pipe in the smokebox so hopefully the fire will no longer blow-back when the brake is applied or released.

No.5 Sentinel – It has been decided to fit this loco with a new set of washout plugs as by the time the boiler has been tapped out to clean up the taper threads, the original plugs will be too small to fit.  In the meantime work has continued with the repair of a pin hole in the main exhaust steam pipe which runs along the left of the loco from the engine to the blast nozzles in the chimney.  The leak was first noticed during the last few steamings when emulsified oil started blowing down the frames.

The semi-circular slide valve which controls the rather complicated operation of the Weir pump has been repaired by the building up of its ports with weld and re-grinding back to shape.  This should hopefully improve the operation of the pump by making it more controllable and less noisy.

Other work has included cleaning of the cab interior ready for painting, painting of the boiler barrel and re-fitting of some of the pipework.

S100 – Work is still progressing on the frames of this loco.  The brake hangars are in place, and a new underkeep is being machined to replace a missing original.

No.3 Colin McAndrew – In a surprise move recently the boiler of this loco was sent away to Bridgnorth for the SVR boiler department to quote for repairs.

Fowler diesel hydraulic No.422015 – This loco has again been the mainstay of the diesel fleet, being used on works trains and for shunting.  It has recently been suffering from low engine oil pressure thought to be caused by fuel dilution, and in addition the axle boxes have started running hot.

Ruston diesel electric DL7 – This loco is still serviceable, although the cab windows were smashed in a recent attack.  This has not helped the loco’s usual winter problem of damp getting into the main generator and traction motor, as the rain can now drive in through the broken glass to soak the floor boards.  Hopefully, after a bit of work it will be available as standby for the ‘Santa Specials’.

The Fowler diesel machanical No. 4100013 sandwiched between DMUs at Brownhills West

Fowler diesel mechanical No.4100013 – Following yet further work to its engine, this loco has been run to the causeway and back under its own power.  Its use is limited at the moment, as due to its starter motor needing re-winding, it has to be started by another loco.  Quite a bit of work still needs to be done, including refurbishment of the air system, however, it has been used on the works train, but the lack of starter motor meant that it had to be left idling all day.

L & Y No.1 (Motorail No.1947) – A replacement bearing brass for this loco has been purchased to enable it to be stood back on its wheels.

No.21 diesel – The engine of this loco is still dismantled although the pistons have had new rings fitted and have been re-fitted to the engine.  The injectors have been cleaned and re-set ready for when the cylinder heads are re-fitted.  The sump has also been cleaned ready for re-fitting.