Steam Locos of a Leisurely Era 1886- North Eastern Railway Mixed Traffic 0-6-0

Steam Locos of a Leisurely Era

1886- North Eastern  Railway Mixed Traffic 0-6-0

No.65098 (originally 1575) at Tebay in 1951

A class of 201 engines built between 1886 and 1894.  All except the final thirty were turned out as 2-cylinder Worsdell-von Borries compounds, but the whole class eventually became 2-cylinder simples.  In later years a number of them received superheaters, and in some cases piston valves also.  They proved themselves a most satisfactory general purpose engine, and were used on all classes of duties.  Until quite recent years they were the principal class of engine used on passenger trains on the steeply graded Darlington-Penrith line.

Withdrawal commenced in 1929, but by 1946 there were nearly a hundred still in service, and these were renumbered 5025-5123.  Quite a few of these lasted to have 60000 added to their numbers in BR days, and even as late as 1959 a small handful of them was still in service.

Driving wheels – 5’ 1¼”,  Cylinders (as compound) (1) 18”x 24”, (1) 26”x 24”,  Cylinders (as simple) (2) 19”x 24” and 19”x 26”,  Pressure – 160 lb., Tractive effort – 19240 lb and 20840 lb,  Weight – 43 tons 15 cwt.  NER Classification – C1,  LNER Classification – J21,  BR Classification – 2F.No.1811 Pic: C.Rosewarne (LNER Encyclopedia)


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