158 – ChasewaterRailwayMuseum Bits & Pieces from Chasewater News Summer 1993 –Part 1

158 – ChasewaterRailwayMuseum Bits & Pieces

from Chasewater News Summer 1993 –Part 1

From the Editorial

The Editor observed that there was a lot of news to report about Chasewater Railway making it difficult to find space for non-news items.  This must be a good sign as it means a lot more progress is being made on our railway.

Locomotive News

No.4 Asbestos – This loco has remained in service and operated all of our passenger trains so far this season and even passed an intermediate boiler examination in May.  Efforts are still being made to cure a number of minor faults, the worst of which is a badly leaking left-hand boiler clack.  Various attempts at reseating it have failed so a replacement component is now being machined.

No.5 Sentinel – This loco passed its major five-yearly boiler examination in May with no serious repair work being necessary.  The boiler water spaces will now be shot-blasted and painted and some ninety odd ¼” whitworth studs and nuts renewed before the two halves can be re-assembled.  There is a lot of work to be done, but hopefully the loco should be completed in late autumn.

No.2 Lion – This loco also had a visit from the Boiler Inspector in May when it passed its steam test.   The only serious problem is a persistently leaking mud door on the right hand side of the firebox which will require rectification.  Completion of the vacuum brake system and a repaint is now all that is required for the loco to be ready to enter service.

S100 – Still plodding along!

Fowler diesel – This loco has remained in service, being used on works trains and for shunting.  A problem has arisen recently in that it will not start unless the batteries are re-charged immediately beforehand.  Visually it is improving week by week as it is gradually being repainted in black with red buffer beams.  Hopefully once the repaint is complete it will remain in that livery.

DL7 – Following recent work on the main engine and traction electrical system the loco is runable again.  It was used for the evening shunting on June 6th and performed well with the exception of the brake which requires adjustment.  Only minor superficial repairs and a repaint are now required to complete the job.  It is likely that we will soon have a genuine need for two diesels, as with the track being extended all the time, one will be required for the works train and the other for shunting the passenger stock.  This will be of benefit as it will ensure both locos are started and used regularly.

No.21 diesel – Work on this loco has continued with the filling, sanding and undercoating of its cast iron body members.  When painting is complete the recently repaired engine will be refitted.

Smith Rodley crane – untouched.

Carriage & Wagon News

Great Eastern six-wheel passenger brake – This coach has now, but for a few small areas of panelling and trim, been completed on the wooden superstructure.  The multi-coloured first coat of gloss has been repainted in BR blue to seal it, but unfortunately one or two of the original wooden panels have dried out and now have ¼” cracks appearing.  These will be filled again, and like the rest of the body will be monitored until stable when the top coat will be applied.  The interior of the coach remained warm and dry throughout the winter months to my disadvantage for now we have an unpaid member living-in – a mouse!  Work will soon begin on the frames so as to be ready for the coach’s 100th birthday celebration in June 1994.

CRC 4-plank coal wagon – Keith has progressed well with the re-planking of this vehicle, and during the best thunderstorm so far this year Tony Wheeler successfully freed off the seized brake rods using Calor gas heat.

Keith Poynter poses next to the CRC 4-plank wagon during a pause in restoration work.

Southern brake van – This van has become our colliery information centre, and judging by the comments overheard from visitors the prospect of brake van rides down the line would certainly be another interest which we could offer to the public.

16 ton Great Western Toad – This van has remained out of service but has now been moved to the C&W yard where restoration can begin.

Dave Borthwick

The Maryport & Carlisle coach, the Midland 4-wheel coach and the Manchester Sheffield & Lincoln coach have remained sheeted up to protect them from the weather.

Wickham DMU E56171&E50416 – a firm offer has now been received from a preservation group based at Llangollen who wish to purchase a two-car set for restoration as a working DMU.  In view of the fact that it would cost the CLR a great deal of money to strip the vehicles of their asbestos insulation, the offer has been accepted.  Exact details of the deal are yet to be finalised but the vehicles are likely to leave Chasewater later this year in return for cash or a replacement coach direct from BR.

44806 waits by Goods Junction signal box whilst the Wickham DMU set passes ...llangollen-railway.org.uk

Gloucester trailerE56301 – This vehicle has also remained out of use, and is also the subject of a purchase offer from another preservation society. The group interested in this vehicle are based at British Nuclear Fuels in Preston and need a coach to get them started in the passenger carrying business.  This coach also poses the problem of asbestos insulation.  Again, details are yet to be finalised but the coach is likely to leave Chasewater this year.

56301 at County School Station on the Mid-Norfolk Railway on 17th December en.wikipedia.org

Derby centre car W59444 – This coach has remained in service and is quite popular with the public.  It does, however, cause the occasional headache for the station staff as with so many doors (10) the passengers sometimes manage to open them faster than the staff can shut them!  With three out of four of our revenue earning passenger vehicles set to leave Chasewater, members may be wondering how we intend to continue running a train service.  In fact replacement  (asbestos-free) DMUs are being sought, and staff at Tyseley Depot have been very helpful in this.  What will arrive and when?  Watch this space!!


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