Steam Locos of a Leisurely Era 1878 Jones 4-4-0T Highland Railway

Steam Locos of a Leisurely Era

1878  Jones  4-4-0T 

Highland RailwayIllustration: No. 15010 taken in 1930, showing very clearly the louvre-type chimney, which was a distinctive feature of Highland engines for many years.

Three engines constructed in 1878 and 1879 for branch line work.  They were built as 2-4-0Ts but the leading bogie was very soon substituted for the pony truck.

The numbers and names were 17 Breadalbane, 58 Burghead and 59 Highlander, No.17 becoming Aberfeldy in 1886, and renumbered 50 in 1901.  Later they were placed on the duplicate list as 50B, 58B and 59B.  All survived into the grouping days, when the LMS renumbered them 15010-12, and they lost their names.  No. 15011 was scrapped in 1928, No.15012 in 1930, whilst 15010 remained in service until 1932, at which time it was the last remaining working example of an Alexander Allan Crewe-type framing.

Driving wheels – 5’ 3”,  Bogie wheels – 3’ 0”, Cylinders – 16”x 22”,  Pressure 160 lb.,  Tractive effort – 12158 lb.,  Weight – 44 tons.


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