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Steam Locos of a Leisurely Era 1876 – Barton Wright– 0-6-0ST Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway

Steam Locos of a Leisurely Era

1876 – Barton Wright– 0-6-0ST

Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway

No.11470, as running in the late 1920s

Barton Wright’s standard goods engine for the L&YR of which 280 were made between 1876 and 1887

When Aspinall became CME at Horwich he introduced his own design of 0-6-0, these also being constructed in considerable numbers, and as there was an acute shortage of shunting engines he proceeded to rebuild most of the earlier Barton Wright engines with saddle tanks.  Between 1891 and 1900 the whole of the earlier members of the class had been thus dealt with, but the final fifty remained as tender engines.  All of them, both rebuilt and unrebuilt, passed into LMS hands in 1923, the saddle tanks becoming Nos. 11393-11532, and the tender engines 12015-64, 96 of the former and 25 of the latter were still in service at Nationalisation, many surviving to have 40000 added to their numbers.  The last 0-6-0, No. 52044, did not disappear until 1959, at which time there were a fair number of the saddle tanks still working, being amongst the oldest engines still in the service of British Railways.



0-6-0 tender and 0-6-0ST

Driving wheels – 4’ 6”,  Cylinders – 17½”x 26”,  Pressure – 140 lb.,  Tractive effort – 17545 lb.

0-6-0 tender  Weight – 39 tons 1 cwt,  L&YR Classification – 25,  LMS & BR Classification – 2F

0-6-0ST   Weight – 43 tons 17 cwt,  L&YR Classification – 23,  LMS & BR Classification – 2F