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Steam Locos of a Leisurely Era 1874 – Johnson 4-4-0 Great Eastern Railway

Steam Locos of a Leisurely Era

1874 – Johnson 4-4-0

 Great Eastern Railway

 Illustration – No.301 as originally built.

S.W.Johnson was locomotive superintendent of the GER before he went to the Midland in 1873, and it was on the latter railway that his handsome locomotives afterwards became so famous.  Before he left Stratford, however, he had prepared designs for a 4-4-0 engine and two of these duly appeared in 1874.

They were the direct forerunners of his numerous classes of that wheel arrangement for the Midland, and were interesting also in that they were the first inside cylindered 4-4-0s for any railway south of the border, although Wheatley’s engines for the North British had preceded them.

The GER engines were at first numbered 301 and 302, but they became 305 and 306 in 1880.  They were rebuilt in 1888, when the Johnson chimney and boiler gave way to the GER standard of the period, with stove-pipe chimney and Ramsbottom safety valves over the firebox.  In this form they lasted until 1897-8

Driving wheels – 6’ 7”,  Bogie wheels – 3’ 8”,  Cylinders – 17”x 24”,  Pressure – 140 lb.,  Weight – 39 tons 13 cwt,  Classification – C8