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Canal News From Waterscape Full new basin on the Chesterfield Canal

Canal News

From Waterscape

Full new basin on the Chesterfield Canal

9th Jan 2012

Following years of planning and months of construction work, Staveley Town Basin on the Chesterfield Canal is now full.

For the past three weeks the basin has been fed by a pipe through a temporary dam. On Thursday 5 January the dam was dug out, allowing the last few inches of water to gush through.

The new basin has been linked back to Mill Green thanks to a washwall nearly 600 metres long, which was constructed by the Chesterfield Canal Trust’s volunteer work party. The final coping stone was laid on 2 January this year.

New bunkhouse and cottages

Much work remains to be done at the basin site. There are plans to build a bunkhouse for use on canal work camps as further restoration takes place. Guide and Scout groups will also be able to make use of the bunkhouse. In addition, there are plans to build cottages for residential and small business use.

The volunteer work party’s next job is to build a new lock on the basin site. The foundations have already been laid thanks to grants from Lafarge and the Inland Waterways Association. The Chesterfield Canal Trust is also running a Donate a Brick for Staveley Town Lock campaign, which has already raised £15,000.

The basin site includes a large events area where the Chesterfield Canal Festival will be held on 30 June and 1 July this summer. For further information about the Festival or donating bricks for the lock call 01246 477569 or email festival@chesterfield-canal-trust.org.uk.

Last updated: 12/01/2012